Moregeous Monday Moments

What a crazy month. Literally crazy. I read over the last MMM posted in October and it feels like a year ago.  We’ve been working on clients jobs, on Moregeous Mansions and during that time got word that the BBC show we contributed to earlier this year had finally got a transmission date. We’d started to think that we’d maybe all ended up on the cutting room floor but no, Getting The Builders In was a go-go.

IMG_5263 (1)Oh the glamour eh, the first time you’re back on’telly in a while and challenge No1 was a muddy garden contract with heaps of pebble dash painting (arghhh). It was quite nerve wracking watching the first one, new format and all that but honestly, we loved it. The production company Reef had worked miracles to edit such a a lot of work into bite sized pieces and get so many giggles in too.  At least our ep No2 was nice and dry inside, a cool bedroom for cool kid Maia, complete with a wallpaper idea which broke Mr M out into a cool sweat. Thank gawd I got the joins right, let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. I was seeing triangles in my sleep that night.

IMG_5412I’ll pop a couple of our episodes in a blog post later this week, along with some of my best tips from the three great jobs we won, but for now, suffice to say we’re over the moon that so many people have laughed along and enjoyed the shows. How lovely to be part of something so positive and entertaining, along with such a fab crew 🙂

My work never fails to surprise me, and new challenges are always just round the corner. Building a new shop amidst an ever changing array of the most beautiful flowers, now that was a first this month. Working on the Didsbury Flower Lounge has been quite possibly the sweetest smelling job we’ve ever undertaken. Launch night is this Wednesday and I’ll post some of the professional shots taken – which are far better than my speedy snaps – but to give you an idea of the style created, here’s the desk area complete with Railings cladding, giant porcelain top and waney edge timber shelves.

IMG_5397Sometimes being the littlest person on the job comes in handy, like when a body is needed to stand on the new scaffold tables and fill the holes in the new hanging frames without banging its head.

IMG_5443Hasn’t Mr M’s done a fantabulous job of making all the bespoke furniture, he’s so clever. Commissions, step right his way!

There’s even been some time to fit a little flooring and wallpaper in at Moregeous Mansions. Gosh, I’ve been dreaming about this wall for so long, I thought it might never happen. ..IMG_4915All the giant parquet is now glued in place (thank you to the Everbuild Tech-line for suggesting the perfect-for-the-job Sika 52 wood adhesive tubes) and sanded and sealed; the jigsaw is on the wall and my long lusted after Blackpop wallpaper is nearly finished. It would have been finished last week but now I’ve decided I want it on the left hand wall too, in for a penny and all that! Well, not quite a penny, it’s definitely a luxury choice, but when you’re doing so much of the work yourself, I figure a little interior treat now and then makes it all worth while eh? So much effort has gone into this parquet that it deserves a post of it’s own, which might help some of you who fancy having a bash as creating your own wild and wonderful flooring from original boards too. Watch out for that coming up soon. Ish.

IMG_4941Working on the floor in the living room also inspired me to start looking for one for our room. We’ve been sleeping in the main bedroom for about six months now but are still tip-toeing on rough screed and old rental rugs. Why? Time, money, other things to do, all the usual renovation reasons. With gorgeous wooden flooring priced between £40 and £100 a square metre, this finish I’ve seen at the Reclaimed Flooring Company is on my To Die For list. Never mind to die for, I’d kill for this. The link is actually to a wall cladding but they do it as floorboards too. But, I can’t afford it and the chances of anyone hiring me as a hit-woman are probably quite remote, so DIY it will be.

Goes perfectly with my fireplace tiles and the reclaimed sash window mirror too. However if we keep doing client work and TV shows, it should be completed sometime in 2025.

Right that’s your lot but surely that’s enough to have crammed in since the last Monday post?!

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