Do Up Diary #56 It’s a folding frenzy as the bifolds go in

Moregeous Design installation by Express BifoldsOMG they’re in!! There’ve been several big steps for us this month and none bigger than this week’s installation of our much dreamed of bifolding doors. Express Bifolds installation for Moregeous Design Sian AstleyWe’ve spent a lot of time and energy deciding which ones to go for as there are a plethora of these super popular styles out there to choose from. I was amazed when Phil, one of the fitters, said to me that some people order their doors online without even seeing them in the flesh. Seriously, I’ve compared greys, textures, hinges, runners, handles, slight lines and edges at showrooms and trade shows for months. These are big ticket items costing thousands of pounds, so they have to be absolutely spot on with no mistakes, surely? I’ll be doing a more technical post on how we arrived at our decision to use Express Bifolds at weekend if you too are deliberating whichΒ to choose and how to choose them. When the scaffolding came down last week the openings looked massive, almost impossible to fill, but it didn’t take long for Phil & Richard to get set up on a gloriously sunny day and start the installation. Installation of XP View Express Bifolds for Moregeous Design Sian AstleyThe lads were great, involving Mr M and I in decisions and talking us through the process, explaining what they were doing and why.2015-03-26_0006I was literally squealing as the large frames were hoisted into place and the glass fitted. As each of the three openings were filled in – one ‘normal’ opener at 1m wide, and then two sets of bifolds one at 5m and one at 2m – I was amazed at the transformation, our site suddenly looks like a house again! I love the look of them with the reclaimed brick, the deep grey painted windows and powder coated cladding, love the way they glide open and allow the south facing light and heat in, love the way they connect the garden to what will be my kitchen. Couldn’t be happier. Ok, I could be, if the kitchen were already in πŸ˜‰ Moregeous Design installation by Express BifoldsHere’s a bit of a before and after – massive difference huh? We absolutely made the right choice and I’m delighted with the result. We were in and out of them all evening, grinning like idiots πŸ™‚ Moregeous Design installation by Express BifoldsSomeone, however, didn’t like them. Not At All. Someone was extremely miffed at having yet another entry into the house blocked up. Doors are so restricting, don’t you know? πŸ˜‰ 1506593_801342396586924_5318150192999745130_n

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