Do Up Diary #60 Garage / workshop door installed & looking fine!

Back in January I was lost in the world of garage doors, and seriously, who knew there was so much choice?! I had to find something which would suit both the reclaimed, traditional feel of the slates and bricks used, plus work well with the contemporary deep greys, aluminium cladding and super cool bifold doors. After much deliberation this is it, all fitted and secure!Hormann roller door in Antracite greyI chose the Hörmann Rollmatic door in Anthracite (Ral 7016) to match our bifolds and powder coated aluminium guttering, fully automated and with super strength security. The slats are almost exactly the width of the guttering, a little detail I really liked, with no extra lines or fussiness like some other roller doors we saw. The roller action means no loss of space inside or out and it’s unbelievably silent, Mr M is mega impressed and he likes his gadgets.

2015-05-12_0003I’ve still to paint the timber frame to hide the wall cavity and finish off the front but I’m delighted with our choice and think it works well, do you?

We’ve come along way since last Autumn!

Building progression of reclaimed brick garage

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  1. Hi I wonder if you are able to answer a query I have regarding the Hormann Rollmatic garage door you have. We have just had ours fitted and I am really dissappear with the top edge on mine. I have the fitter coming later this week but I need to find someone who has this already fitted. When the garage door is in the closed position do you get a good “seal” along the top edge of the garage (where the roller box is) on mine there is a really strong draft, this renders the door useless for insulation in my opinion. Also on my door (when it is closed) if I try to push it up (as if I was a burglar) I can lift the door around during 1″ off the ground. Does this happen with yours ? I went for the Hormann Rollmatic as I considered it being “German” & based on reviews this was worth the extra cost but now I am really unsure because of the issues I have listed. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated…. ps love your build !

    1. Hi Marc, We have no issues with the top of the door as my door is fitted inside the garage itself. I’d probably need to see a pic to give advice? We do get drafts at the bottom, however that’s the fault of the floor layers not the door as the floor dips slightly in the middle. I’m really happy with ours, its solid and we’ve had no issues for the last 18 months. Sian x

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