Leafy looks & ideas appealing to me for Spring 2015

Moregeous Mansions is still in the dusty stage, with the extension all built but the main house now being ripped apart, so I’m dreaming of the time it’s filled with greenery again. The south facing windows mean my home’s a house plant paradise and I love being surrounded with indoor foliage. Here are some ideas ticking my boxes this year, see if you spot them come to fruition as our remodelling progresses.

Super sized leaves are needed when using plants as room dividers to frame the top of cupboards as in this image via Living Etc. These look like peace lilies or Spathiphyllum to me, apparently these plants suck up wi-fi waves and clean the air too, a bonus in gadget filled modern homes. I’ve designed a divider between our dining room / kitchen and was toying with lilies under my tree, I think this has sealed the deal.

Living Etc Magazine
Living Etc Magazine

Talking of a tree, yep, I want one in the house. Literally, in the house. Maybe not as tall as these ones below but you get the picture. I want it to grow up and over my peace lilies, with lush foliage and maybe even some flowers. Honeysuckle? Jasmine?

There are cool ones more on my Pinterest mood board…. who knew there were so many trees in houses?!

Tree in House

If I had a sheltered, leafy area like this outside, I may never eat indoors again!

Via Pinterest

Greenery in the kitchen is high on my list of wants. I love the vivid green with black detailing here, it gives a real lift to the room. Image via Designed For Life.


How adorable are these cute plant pots with gold detailing created by Nest of Posies? Somehow the Embrace Messy Hair slogan really resonates with me mid-refurb 😉

Gold Foil Lettering on plant pots by Nest of Posies
Gold Foil Lettering on plant pots by Nest of Posies

Another little DIY idea I spotted was this one, so simple but so effective, and found HERE. This has quite a festive feel but I think these look wonderful all year round.SandraOsterInteriorsI know everyone’s loving cacti for 2015 but I’ll give them a miss, they don’t do it for me and I always manage to kill them off!

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