Found It! The Perfect Fabric For Our Perfect Piscine :)

One of those wonderful interiors moment just happened when you find the perfect product and not only that you find it at the perfect price!

With the new gym almost completed and WOWING our gym bunnies, we’ve moved the Withington Baths makeover into our mini refreshments area. Eventually the 70’s style sauna style cladding will be stripped back to expose the original wall, coving and features behind but for now a very quick fix was needed.

2015-06-26_0002 The cladding was the most awful burgundy colour so we’ve painted the bottom half deep charcoal and the top half white hot with a central banding of dado to add detail. The ceiling was brightened up, the dire fluorescents removed and replaced with some chandeliers made Moregeous with a lick of Withy Baths blue and LED candle lamps to save our pennies in the long term.


So what to do for seating? We found eight chairs at a bargain price, then undercoated them ready to be freshly painted but what about fabric for re-upholstering? I knew I wanted something vibrant and colourful against the grey & white backdrop, ideally picking up our blue, but didn’t want anything too shiny, too woollen, too chintzy or too OTT. Lots of kids use our pool so something with a bit of fun, stylish too and cost effective. Plus, no £80 per metre specials budgeted for here.

After much searching I’d almost given up and was resigned to paying full whack when Ebay came good! The perfect blue, lots of bubbles just like our heart logo, designed by Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild and guess what? It’s called Piscine – Swimming Pool in La La French!


It’s ordered and arrives Monday, I can’t wait to get it on the chairs 🙂

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