How to Create a Buzzingly Beautiful Bee-Friendly Garden

Have you noticed that everyone’s buzzing about getting more bees in their garden? We’ve always tried to be bee-friendly with our Moregeous gardens so with that in mind, I set out to make one of the three garden spaces I designed for my Bents Challenge especially “Buzzingly Beautiful”

It was made very easy for me to choose pollen packed plants by the various labels and even a dedicated pollinator section out in Open Skies, now all I had to do was create a design led feel to the space….

Bents Bee Friendly Section

Inspired by honey tones and hexagon hive shapes, I chose lots of yellows and made them punchy with contrasting purples. A big bold sunflower, some vibrant sunshine Dahlias called Seattle and tall yellow stem flowering Verbascum Gainsboroughs gave height and vibrancy, along with lots of bright pots and planters. How could anyone design a bee friendly space and not use yellows?! 🙂Yellow Bee Friendly Plants in Moregeous garden space

To add colour contrast I used some climbing white Jasmine, willowy purple salvia, lots of lovely lavender and a few smaller violet bedding plants at ground level. Quite apart from looking gorgeous, in our space the Jasmine and Saliva ‘Nemorosa Caradonna’  both smelled head spinningly gorgeous.

Purple Bee Friendly Plants in Moregeous garden spaceHere below is the before and the after. What do you think of our transformation, in under an hour, with just me & my most excellent helper Anthony racing around gathering furniture, plants and dressings items against the clock!


Bee Freindly garden space designed by Moregeous Sian Astley at Bents

I wanted this garden area to be very natural and earthy with its back drop of reclaimed brick. My challenge was to find items sold in store so I searched for lots of timber crates & planters and a simple wooden bench which worked a treat. The bees were a bonus 😉

Natural timbers and wooden planters in bee friendly garden space with reclaimed brick backdrop

Sian Astley Moregeous Bee-friendly Garden space for BentsGolden cushions, honey pots, bee logs and hexagon copper candle holders all helped with the Buzzingly Beautiful theme, did I make the right choices? 🙂Golden honey bee inspired garden accessories

I accidentally *stumbled* into the Reserve Wine area, as you do, and these fell into my trolley…. honey tones and flavours of beers made locally. Perfect for dressing my garden space!
2015-06-24_0006I loved the space and we had people wandering into our honey hive all day 🙂

Planting up your own garden this summer? Don’t forget the bees!
2015-06-24_0009Sian Astley at Bents Bee Friendly garden

Video: Creating a natural bee-friendly smaller garden space

Huge thanks to Bents for inviting me to take part in this garden creation challenge, two more to come this week – 50 Shades of Garden Grey & Creating a Herby Entertaining Garden. Do pop back and check them out, Sian x

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