Reveal: The Moregeous Terrace

Slowly, slowly we're getting to the reveal bits at Moregeous HQ. Well, I say that, but those of you who've been here on our walking workshops know exactly which bits you're looking at. Still changing though isn't it, as Mr M and I work through the parts which weren't completed when you came? With me... Continue Reading →

The Inaugural RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

We can't simply call it the 'first' can we? Not with a venue as super posh as Chatsworth House, Derbyshire home to the Cavendish family since 1549, seat of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire and 105 acres of glorious English countryside featuring a spectacular ancestral home and world famous gardens. Nope, it has to... Continue Reading →

Do Up Diary: The Bee Wall

Part of me wants to moan like mad about this incessant summer rain but another part of me - the part designing & installing the garden here at Moregeous Mansions - is kind of relieved not to have to keep watering all the new plants to keep them happy and get them settled in their... Continue Reading →

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