BBQ Feast Images and Upcoming BBQ Event : 28 Sept 2019

Bearing in mind that for most of us, summer 2019 was a bit of a wash out, we absolutely struck lucky at the start of August with our first summer barbecue. Forty four fabulous guests took a chance on this new venture of ours, a collaborative outdoor eating experience with Chef Peter Naylor from Didsbury’s Food Lab. You’ll know from my Insta that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed a couple of events at the brilliant home kitchen where Pete runs brunch & cookery classes and taster sessions. We dragged him out of his chef’s basement and up into our garden!

I meant to share pictures weeks ago but hey, life got in the way, you know how it is here…. whispering aside: make sure you set a series link for Your Home Made Perfect, more eps coming up in October. Better late than never though, and with our next fiery spectacular coming up on 28th September, I’m figuring that maybe you want to see what’s on offer before you bag yourselves a ticket to the best barby in town!

So, what can you expect…

Well before guests arrive, Pete starts the smokers at 8am, with brisket, pork, salmon and lamb all marinating ready to be expertly and slowly cooked for the late afternoon serving. Mr Moregeous is on juice spraying duty every half an hour to make sure everything stays succulent and tender. He gets all the best jobs doesn’t he? 😉

When guests arrive, welcome cocktails are ready. In August liberal measures of vodka on ice rocked the Moregeous garden treatment of freshly grown in Manchester lemon, fizzy lemonade and homegrown sprigs of verbena. It doesn’t take much for people to feel relaxed here and guests soon bag their spots either under the vine, next to the firepit, on the terrace or across the lawn, cracking open the BYO. Pete expertly and smoothly serves up the perfectly cooked meats, alongside salads, ‘slaws, flatbreads and homemade sauces. I’m pretty sure most people go back for thirds. Which is totally allowed. In fact, positively encouraged.

Anyone sensible always leaves room for pudding if the incredible Bakeorama is in charge of the cake table, and when true foodies are involved, everyone somehow becomes really sensible. Charlotte bakes the most spectacular creations but what elevates her to cake goddess level is the thought and care which goes into her work. Knowing our renovation passions, daily life and the Moregeous beasts, I almost couldn’t cut into the brilliant cement cake and reclaimed brick slab, decorated with images of Rocky & Builder Cat. Pure magic!!

Guests are free to sit around the firepit and relax after their food, toasting marshmallows and chatting to other guests. Sneaky peeks at the main house design are taken by would be renovators. The music is on and the Moregeous cats are roaming. You can chill, drink your BYO and kick back for a few hours until it’s time to drift home, or to party on elsewhere.

We’re about to have a new website designed which will feature all our upcoming interior and food collaborations, but in the meantime I hope these shots have given you a taster of what to expect at our next Food Lab BBQ on the 28th September.

Below is the link to tickets, priced at a superb £22 (plus small Eventbrite booking fee). Your ticket provide entry, BBQ food, a cocktail and cake. Plus you can bring your own wine / beers / Prosecco. What really, all of that, I hear you cry. Yes, really! Good huh?

Sat 28th September 2019: 3pm, for food between 4 – 6pm, the garden closes as 8pm – TICKETS HERE

In case of inclement weather – in Manchester? surely not 😉 – there are lots of seating options indoors.

If you don’t believe me, then let Nicola persuade you it’s a great afternoon out… even John got his camera out. That must be quite a rare occurrence, we’ll take this 🙂

Please note, the event doesn’t cater for vegans, but if you are pescatarian / vegetarian, there is a choice of salmon and halloumi kebabs.

See you on the 28th! x

Huge thanks to Manchester based photographer, and pal of chef Pete, Yannick von Grabowiecki for taking the lion’s share of these fantastic photos. I adore the night time one, we’ve never seen the garden look so magical. Yannick’s normal realm is fashion and portrait photography – I really must wear a frock and practice some casual posing for the next event 😉

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