Pixel Power & Super Stripes In Withington Baths Gym

Withington Baths gym interior design by Moregeous
Pixel power for the flooring and our super stripe 🙂

I love our new gym! Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t suddenly turned the entire interior of Moregeous Mansions into a training camp, it’s just a *little* thing which has been distracting me from our home renovation these past few weeks 🙂

Withington Baths, after our two year campaign, much planning & hard work is back open, this time run not by Manchester City Council but by us – Love Withington Baths! It’s a social enterprise so all profits stay in the building & thus in our community, rather than siphoned out & away by a big company and not only that but it looks pretty damn cool too. Grey, graphites, warm whites and a vibrant blue all work really well with the new equipment and the pixelated flooring is ace.
Withington Baths gym interior design by MoregeousStill some finishing touches and branding to be completed but members are re-signing with us already and loving the new look & state of the art machines. Just goes to show that it isn’t necessary to spend millions on new construction, rip the heart out of communities and sell off our heritage buildings – wonderful things can be achieved by communities who band together, work for a common goal and stay determined to protect what they love.

The volunteers who donated their time and skills this past fortnight to help transform this space (and make it Moregeous!) were amazing. A before and after transformation which people put their heart into, I’m a very proud designer when I look at what’s been achieved.

Now everyone needs to come join and get fit!

Withington Baths Gym before & after 2015Thanks again to Valspar, Protec, Dyne Tiles, Interface Flooring and Jon at Bigg Hands for rehanging our doors!

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