Review – Lakeland Microwave Multi-steamer

Lakeland Microwave steamer

Since ripping out our kitchen about a year ago, I’ve missed many things. Padding down in a morning to make a juice, or him a brew… being able to wash up in a normal sink with hot water – oh the luxury!… scrambling eggs… pan-frying a chicken breast… and something as simple as being able to grill or roast meat and cook veg at the same time.

In a normal kitchen space if I were grilling a couple of pork chops, I’d be boiling some potatoes for a creamy cheese mash or flash frying some garlicky deep green cabbage. Without a hob, cooking veg is pretty difficult and it’s all been a juggling act involving a microwave, various dishes and lots of wasteful cling film. So… this is a bit of a find!

Anyone without a kitchen avoids the amazing Lakeland as it’s too darned tempting, but with a little time on my hands the other night in the Trafford Centre, I found myself surrounded by mince pie foils, anti-gravity pouring cake kits and prancing reindeer cookie cutters. However, in amongst the foodie festivities was nestled something that might just make my renovation life easier – a specially designed microwave multi-steamer, with a tightly fitting lid, raised internal basket to keep the veg above water and a super smooth finish for easy wiping.

I hoping it’ll make my renovation life much easier, so I can get parsnips & potatoes ready for roasting, prep fresh rice instead of using packet specials and soften veg like carrots and cauli before making oven based dishes. Until a hob lands at Moregeous Mansions, it might just be what I’ve been looking for!

I’ll let you know how I get on x


Addendum: How I got on!

It’s bloody brilliant. I’m not exaggerating. I don’t think Ill ever cook rice in a pan again and then have to scrub that sticky white film off the base or get waylaid on something end up only to end up with burnt nuclear brown rice glued to the bottom.

Basmati is light, fluffy and perfectly separated, Thai sticky is sticky but not soggy and Easy Cook is a dream. I’ve added pilau flavours, ginger, chicken stock, garlic, Italian seasoning and Mexican spice  (not together obv). Because the rice is so ‘separated’ it’s also super easy to then freeze in the plastic takeaway containers I slavishly save to ‘re-use’. Then if we do get an M&S curry, I’m not paying a bomb for 10p’s worth of rice and throwing away more packaging – perfect!

This product is ace even if you do have a hob and ‘proper’ kitchen. I’ve a feeling mine will be hanging around long after I stop having to cook renovation recipes 😉

Highly recommended and well worth the mini-investment!


See how we got on making a full Christmas dinner with the help of this brilliant product here


Since I wrote this post they’ve upgraded the steamer to have an extra tray and I’m presuming it’s even better that the one I have. Hmmmm,  might be worth another trip down to Handforth…..

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