Spring Bulb Planting at Withy Baths


What a brilliant turn out this morning for our Spring bulbs planting down at Withington Baths! A crisp clear day, no frost and yes, we know it’s a wee bit late to plant bulbs in late November but when you’re a community group running an Edwardian Baths, some things get shunted down the list when there’s so much else to do!

2015-11-22_0001We might not get all of our daffodils, snowdrops, crocuses and mini hyacinths flowering for 2016 but I reckon with all the love that went into planting them, a fair few will bloom for us 🙂

For the snowdrops and crocuses we lifted squares and circles of turf, loosened the soil for good drainage and popped the bulbs in randomly, pointed end up about 3 inches deep, and approx 3 inches apart.

The kids loved dropping the bulbs down in the soil and then laying the turf back over the top, like a duvet to keep them warm over winter. Small feet make for very good turf stomping.

We did the same with the grape hyacinths, dotted in amongst where the snowdrops and crocuses will bloom. These three spring bulbs flower very early, between January and early April, so therefore long before the lawns need mowing. This will give a fabulous splash of colour at the start of the year in the middle of the front lawns.

With the larger daffodil bulbs, which (usually!) flower later in Feb – April, we cleared the edging beds of weeds and leaves and planted the bulbs in clumps of 5 – 7, six inches deep about 4 inches apart. This should give some wonderful flashes of sunshine yellow early next year to help our gym and swim members feel like Spring has sprung as winter passes.2015-11-22_0002We even had local landlords getting involved via an accreditation scheme to donate hours back into their local community. I sensed they were a bit unsure what to expect when they arrived, but could tell they were really taken with the amazing community spirited efforts. I hope they’ll be back ’cause they have some great DIY skills which I’d love to utilise to full effect, not sure they realise the consequences of getting involved yet…. 😉

Everyone got stuck in, from the kids chasing worms with mini trowels to the more senior members of our team with supervisory roles.2015-11-22_000312279119_10153767078364579_5492431783572386196_nA great day. I’d resolved only to go down for half an hour so Mr M was left on his own cementing a fireplace at home. Time to get in his good books by cooking a delicious Sunday tea!


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