Moregeous Styling For A TV Advert


Me & my new pal Scottie spent part of this week up in the wilds of Cumbria (yes, right when Storm Barney hit town!) helping to style six sets for a tv ad. The client, Stollers, have been trading in Barrow as a family business for over 100yrs and the historical timeline on their homepage is wonderful, starting in 1898 with Issiah Stoller landing in the town from 1000 miles away in Latvia. Bet he never imagined us lot running riot through his store a century later!

Stollers Barrow.jpgSo what did we get up to? Only shifting, setting out and styling six sets in one day! I love a challenge though and all those shoots in Manchester furniture shops with Channel M were excellent training for running round in my pumps, finding occasional furniture and dressing items to style the ‘hero’ pieces chosen by the client.

Some styling shoots take days and days to prepare, with items sourced from anywhere and everywhere but some are very particular to the brand and location. For the six items – two dining tables, one bed and three sofa sets – I’d to specify backdrop paint to fit the advert brief colours, complimentary flooring and then creating six different looks on the day. As an extra challenge two of the sofas weren’t even in situ but up in the warehouse… colour matching in such light…. darlink, only a professional could wing that and get it right 😉

2015-11-19_00022015-11-19_0003If you’ve not worked on a film set before, you wouldn’t believe how meticulous and detailed things are, even for a relatively small shoot like a local tv ad, and how different things look on camera compared to the naked eye. The sets had to be very simple from an art direction perspective because of the extras being layered on in the edit stage, so no lighting or wall dressing was allowed. I tried to sneak in a cool pair of antlers but it was spotted and shooed off the set 🙂

I had chateau glam going on, a touch of sparkly stardom, retro modern, russet heritage and even Kylie’s diamonds. When things haven’t been bought specifically for the shoot and everything is to be sourced on the day, you need to have fast feet and an even faster eye. I love working with great crews and the ABF bunch are fun, professional, friendly and very patient with my stylist fusspottery!

I’m looking forward to seeing the ad in a few weeks and I’ll post that and more pics so you can give your verdict x

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