New Year, New House!

It’s been a long haul of a self-build but we’re starting to see the light here at Moregeous Mansions and me, he & Builder Cat are utterly resolved to show you the finished fruits of our labours in 2016. Hell, you could even walk the red carpet to the housewarming! 2016-01-03_0001 To those of you who’ve followed our progress throughout late 2014 (when it was fast) and all of 2015 (when it was slow) thank you for your support – sometimes it gets lonely on site and chatting on social media when trapped with a mountain of building materials in a room makes me feel less of a social pariah.

To new readers, hello *waves*. If you’re not sure what on earth has been going on, check out our renovation adventures HERE

I’m going to be doing a lot of physical work of the house this year, a lot of exciting interior design ideas have been devised and there’ll be DIY, craft, making and cooking a-plenty. Feel free to ask questions or any advice if you’re in your own reno hell, I’ll help if I can!

Wishing you all a fabulous, happy and successful New Year. If last year was tough for you, don’t feel like you were on your own ’cause I know the feeling, so let’s make 2016 a good one eh? xx


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