Design Inspiration: 16 Trend Tips For 2016

I was recently asked to be part of a newspaper DIY special and contribute 16 new and ongoing interiors trends for 2016. As with many press articles, it’s all in the edit and some got lost along the way in print so here they are blogged!  What do you reckon, any of your favourites I’ve missed?2016 The Sun

Hot Tips For Cool Homes

It doesn’t take a lottery win to make your home look like a million dollars, just my insider tips on what’s hot in interior design for 2016….


The most cost effective way to update an interior is with colour, so you want to know the coolest way to do it right? To be ahead of the crowd, move on from single colour ‘pops’ and look for multi-colour pixel patterns or Monet water colour effects on accessories and fabrics.

Jessica Zoob


Ditch the magnolia and go grey or monochrome as a 2015 backdrop. Grey shades can warm a cool north facing room, tone down a sunny one and offers the whole palette in between. Those in the know are even painting their skirtings and door frames deep charcoal. Hell there’s even a book about this whole subject, eh Mad About The House? 😉
Making your own padded headboardTROPICAL FEVER

Oh boy, this look is for the brave. Whether Miami greens or jungle fever, bold tropical prints are bringing the funky 70’s back. Wallpaper, cushions and accessories beware, plus you better get your green fingers & the Baby-Bio at the ready!

A Garden Room to die for in the Bourne & Holingsworth Buildings, Clerkenwell


One to save up for, but quite literally the hottest trend – wood burning stoves. UK sales are through the roof and investing in one will keep you toasty and fuel usage down. Plus those gorgeous flickering flames which everyone loves!

The Bert & May Barge – Scandi cosiness and super stylish


Everything comes back around eventually and those of you who kept your original trolleys are laughing. The home bar, fixed or on wheels, is where the hipsters are mixing their cocktails and pouring their craft beers.

Mid-century chic with ‘Cora’ at


There is simply no excuse for a plain table anymore with all the high street stores upping their tableware game. Opt for bold pattern, monochrome edging and quirky mis-matches.

Gold, splashes and Kelly Wearstler. What’s not to love?


Boring floors begone, it’s time for some fun. Zoning tiled floors works brilliantly for introducing pattern in smaller areas, especially bathrooms, hallways or kitchens. This one I’m working on below isn’t quite finished but it’s looking ace (if a little mucky) so far!


A hot luxe trend but don’t be put off. Technology advances mean fab faux marble tiles and worktops can be bought at way under the cost of the real thing.

H&M plates and British Ceramic Tiles ceramics


There’s a growing trend away from architectural minimalism to warmth and character in the kitchen, with unusual materials like concrete, weathered wood and patterned tiles. Take inspiration from the coolest coffee bars and stamp some personality on the hub of your home.d993f9169005c959ba7c17317f17cf0a


Mixing metal finishes is very cool, whether that’s layering warm coppers and brass, or matt black metal finishes with traditional brushed nickel. Warm metals continue to dominate at design shows.

Wall cladding for 2016 at Ted Baker



Black accenting in interiors is very 2016, not 80’s black furniture mind, but simple black lines and the occasional accessory such as a light or mirror. This works brilliantly in pastel schemes to stop them being too twee. Pinterest board coming up shortly 😉2016-05-05_0002.jpg


Every year at the trade shows I see more & more organic shapes and natural timber furniture as designers reintroduce craft skills and workmanship. Wood is warm and tactile, and something to invest in, whether a bench or a chopping board!


Having just one finish to kitchen doors and panels is all very well but those in the know are mixing up colours and styles e.g. grey and white doors, gloss & timber materials, to get personalised and individual looks.2016-05-05_0003.jpgSTRONG GEOMETRICS

These are going even bolder and moving from cushions to tiles, splash backs and flooring for major household wow factor.


This shade is having a moment but mustn’t be twee. Mix with natural timber like oak, geometric and splashes of black or charcoal to keep it fresh not twee.



A rebellion against simple white interiors doesn’t mean spending a fortune but choosing wisely. Deep colours like midnight blue, gold or marble accessories and textured fabrics.

Nailed all those? Job done 😉

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