Moregeous Mansions May Catch Up!

Oh my days I’m so behind with blogging our progress at Moregeous Mansions that I could seriously slap myself. IF I didn’t have such a host of good excuses šŸ˜‰

In early March we finally completed on the property we needed to sell in order to finish this mammoth task we’ve undertaken here. I didn’t want to sell if I’m honest, I’ve worked super hard to build up what will be my pension in my dotage and I’d far rather have lost an aged distant rich spinster aunt, but unfortunately that wasn’t an option. And we need a bathroom, and a kitchen, and hot water, so sell it we did. In the ensuing weeks there has been minor but time consuming work on that property to release a buyer’s retention, two projects for friends – Projects CAL (new kitchen) and Colenso (new bathroom), plus the minor issue of a fortnight in bed from a stinking virus but FINALLY we’ve cracked on!

The A Team have been back, plus Brian the Brickie aka the demanding diva Joan Collins. Builder Cat is on the prowl and we have been literally on fire this past two weeks. Unfortunately my Mac packed up in April so blogging has been nigh on impossible, but all tech issues are now sorted and I’m totally ready to over share once again šŸ™‚

Here’s a little taster of what we’ve been doing before I hit you with the design detail I know ya’ll love this week:

Things started to get exciting as I started the design for the new cornice and lighting frame, the feature picture wall and the central chandelier suspension…2016-05-03_0009Then strange men appeared in my bedroom with metal clamps and ties. Seriously.2016-05-03_0008Builder Cat soon ascertained that it was just another climbing frame, not a central work scaffold at all.2016-05-03_0010The weather stayed fine for a week so Mr M dug trenches for seating and our hex barb, all duly inspected. I’m very excited about the latter, designed to be a waist height meat-fest tower.2016-05-03_00022016-05-03_0003Joan Brian was distinctly unimpressed with the gloriously misshapen reclaimed bricks which he thought he’d cleverly rejected when he built the main house last year but which I’d stashed under the blue sheeting for the garden seating and feature walls šŸ˜‰

He breathed a sigh of relief when rain stopped ‘play’ but was soon sighing again when I stuck him an internal fireplace. Here I wanted an internal wall to cover the battered single skin one which was too ugly even for me to make moregeous. I made Mr M stand over him with a drill in a threatening manner to ensure it was done properly. I’m JOKING!2016-05-03_0007Time for more insulation to really future proof the old Edwardian section of our home. The Kingspan van delivered another climbing pile for Builder Cat – very warm under the bottom – which wasn’t stored for long in what will soon be a kitchen. The 100mm pink is for the bedroom cathedral ceiling and the 50mm cream for between the existing floor joists on the ground floor.2016-05-03_0006My Easter was spent in a subfloor protecting timbers with damp proof membrane. I did have chocolate, lots of it. Wouldn’t you have?!!2016-05-03_0004Ok, that’s enough for tonight, it’s tiring even thinking about how much has been done! I’ve a cracking Road Trip post this week and more details for you renovation aficionados but right now it’s 20.38 and we need to eat.2016-05-03_0005NB I do realise there’s a lot of cattage in this post but there’s been a bit of unwanted neighbourly catnapping recently and, after ‘words’, I’m just OTM to have Missy back 24/7 on site!!

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