The Kitchen Pod – Too Late For Me!!

KBB16 KitchenPod2.JPGNow here’s a product I wish had been available a year ago!

Wandering round KBB2016, my luxury spotting eye was caught by something entirely more practical – a newly designed Kitchen Pod, aimed at the renovating & kitchen fitting market. The Pods, configured flexibly according to the clients needs, are installed in the home or on site during the period when the usual kitchen is out of action, providing a cooking and cleaning station to make life easier and/or stop the client having to ‘move out’.

On site here at Moregeous Mansions we’ve moved our ‘kitchen’ four times and at one point had the fridge in the hall, the oven in another ground floor room and the only cold water supply up two flights of stairs – seriously the worst kitchen triangle I’ve ever cooked with! Luckily for us, Mr M is very handy and has been able to rig us up water and the oven in different locations as we’ve worked round the house but for those less DIY savvy, these Kitchen Pods are a fab idea.

The very amenable and chatty inventor Ed talked me through it. Hire prices start at circa £33 per day including installation, hire and removal and once you weigh up the inconvenience of moving or eating out every night, for many people this may well be a great option for a short stop gap of a week / fortnight.KBB16 KitchenPod1.JPG

Good luck with it Ed!

Find out more HERE.

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