Party Time In A Reno? No Problem

Anyone in their right mind knows that it’s entirely normal to spend a valuable evening reading a beautiful book on decorating for a party when your other half is hollering at you for a boiler and interior design decisions. Time well spent I’d say, time well spent.

One of the perks of having a blog people read is that you sometimes get sent nice stuff. I get a tonne of emails which I ignore as I’m not one for waste and if I don’t really need it, I don’t really want it. However as we gear up for Make It Moregeous events and pop ups, how could a book by the talented Holly Becker not help keep us on the track to tremendousness?! I’ve been sent books in the past which I’ve actually sent back as they’ve been a bit rubbish but this one? This one’s staying put.

Bright, colourful & packed with lush photography, it’s already given me some ideas for things to do and magic to create. I like the idea that parties and styling should be stress-free cause we’ve all got busy lives right and anyone who pretends to be Little Miss Perfect is just too annoying for words. Instead the book is full of simple but creative and most importantly affordable things most of us could do with ease. The kind of things which mean your home looks party ready, but most importantly give YOU time to look party ready too 😉

dsc03859I’m spending many hours redesigning and planting my garden at the moment so lots of the greenery and botanical styled images really appealed to me.dsc03861There’s also a tonne of colour and pops of ice-cream shades for summer time parties or to brighten winter events. Carnations in a cone anyone?dsc03867The mix of the natural and the crafty gets me every time!dsc03866It’s a Very Nice Book. A ‘Dipper’ to pop back to and get inspiration from whenever I need it. I suspect it’ll be my go-to book this season, and judging by the amount of buzz online about it the same might be said for other bloggers. Thanks Holly & Leslie!

I promise I’ll show you some of the things which the book inspires me to do too, so you know I did actually get inspired and not just flick ‘n’ post.

Buy it here if you fancy wowing your friends without breaking the bank x

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