Moregeous Monday Moments

How is it Monday again already? This week has flown by as we’ve been concentrating like mad on the house! Unusually for me I haven’t been called off on work elsewhere so we’ve achieved lots of great stuff and I haven’t had Mr M tutting at me as I head out. Always a bonus 😉

After much deliberation, I finally made a choice on tiling for the living room fireplace. Oh boy, I’ve weighed up hexagons, mosaics, encaustic patterning, you name it, it’s been sampled but I’ve decided there’s just too much going on in the room for anything to heavily ornate. What with the giant parquet, decorative wallpaper and lush ceiling, the fireplace needs to be a place of calm for our new matt black log burner to sit. I’m currently lusting over black marble and these beauties give elegance, a hint of texture and classic style. Luckily for my braver design leaning (but unluckily for my budget) we’ve another three fireplaces to go, so I’ll still get to play with pattern.img_8080Talking of playing, the Valspar aisle provided me with some fun this week as I considered paint choices for both living room ceiling and daddy dormer cladding. A few years back I specified a deep F&B Hague Blue for a loft apartment ceiling and adored it, so I have total confidence in dark ceilings. Lots of people are going grey and I want something different so I don’t think that’s my direction, but there are a heap of other choices. We’re definitely heading to the dark side….img_8049As we gear up to our first foodie event next Sunday 9 October here at Make It Moregeous (fancy coming along??!) I was inspired this weekend by the first Hidden Banquet hosted by the fabulous Manchester Food & Drink Festival at London Road fire house. Closed in 1986 as a working station, this magnificent building has stood empty for a shameful 30yrs but is being given a new lease of life by Allied London. For Mr M this is a place close to his heart as he did his firefighter training and was lucky enough to work here! I’ve heard so many memories from him that I feel like I know the place, and it was brilliant to sit in the old engine room and dine like royalty. The very naughty host Jonathan Schofield even made Mr M get up in front of 220 diners and thigh grip the fireman pole. Highly amusing.dsc04636I was heartened that people were clearly delighted to eat in a derelict space and actually seemed to find that quite exciting. I hope our 30 guests next week feel the same way about Moregeous Mansions 😉

The food was impressive – especially the smoked scallop and squid ink cracker – and seeing such incredible food turned out in a non-kitchen space gave me heart for next weekend. I asked Mr M how puddings like the raspberry and lavender pannacotta compared to the Babs’ canteen output when he worked there. I got a wry smile back, but I suspect his loyalties remain with Babs.

dsc04692Distressed finishes was a bit of a theme this week what with London Road and getting stuck into the original cornice in our reno. Most of it will be painted, but in one corner, where there’d been a longstanding damp issue from external guttering, the paint chipped away *relatively* easily, i.e. assisted by a chisel, a steady hand and three hours work. I adore the finish. He thinks I’m bonkers but this is quite normal in our house. I’ll be sealing it just as it is and look…. look how wonderfully it works with the wallpaper! There’s always a method in my madness, I keep telling’s also finally some bathroom news! Two years of going to dad’s to shower is literally insane but we’re finally getting bathroom movement. We’ve cleared the cellar of doom of various items collected along the way, most of which will be going on Ebay but some of which will be used here. Some of it’s pretty cool, like this Norman Foster vanity unit and Duravit basin. Heaven only knows how I manage to hoard this stuff, I really need to get a grip of my storage issues. Roll on the auction and a Moregeous shower!! 🙂dsc04718There we go, another week over. Let the new one begin 🙂


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