A Heritage Farrow & Ball Folly Green Ceiling

folly-green-by-moregeous-0002Well, we took the leap and decided to go for it at the heritage Withington Baths with our fabulous Folly Green green ceiling – what do you think?!

The dark varnished timber revealed by the removed low ceiling felt much too dark and oppressive for the ‘newly’ light and airy space, yet, when the pitched timber ceiling was primed and undercoated in white, the whole room somehow looked too light! The cream tiling to the walls needed a contrast and in fact a solution was already before our eyes. Near the wall to ceiling junction runs a narrow band of beautiful, emerald green, linear detail tiles and the same detail occurs down at the floor to wall perimeter. Clever devils, those Edwardians 🙂

folly-green-by-moregeous-0001After much searching, sample testing, and canvassing of opinions from willing supporters, the Farrow and Ball shade proved a big hit all round. I went to order some and rather fabulously, on hearing about our restoration project, Team F&B were willing to support us with some product! It’s been brilliant how some  companies have fallen a little bit in love with our historic building, but I don’t blame them at all, of course 😉

IMG_7372  We chose Flat Matt, a water based paint used mainly for woodwork or plaster which doesn’t get heavy wear, so for our ceiling this elegant finish is just perfect.

From a practical perspective the coverage was excellent, covering the Zinsser B-I-N base coat with ease. Sometimes darker colours like green seem to need lots of coats but with F&B, good pigmentation & solid coverage is pretty much guaranteed.

The Folly Green feels fresh and brings life into the room, I think anyway! The once red steel beams and supports are now a deep grey and look much more robust and also much more sophisticated. folly-green-by-moregeous-0003folly-green-by-moregeous-0005Isn’t it wonderful when you find a colour just perfect for the task in hand?

Thank you very much to Farrow & Ball for their kindness in supporting this project, it’s very much appreciated x

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