Moregeous Monday Moments

Part of me just wants to post a plethora of scrummy pictures from our foodie pop up yesterday but I’m being very disciplined and trying to be a good blogger, who has an organised schedule and sticks to it. You’ll need a couple of days patience before salivating over barbecue lushness but actually this is a good thing, because by then I could well have fixed a date for the next one!

This past week has been lots of fun but also lots of hard work. Let’s see this week’s six images shall we!

My week started off brilliantly with two days filming DIY and How To’s around Moregeous Mansions with Real Homes magazine. Tiling, PeelAway, painting, grouting, acoustic flooring…. Matt packed so much in our schedule that I felt a lie down protest was necessary 😉

img_8143I really must thank him for the prod on the hearth front however, as now I’ve tiled the fireplace, my beautiful Jøtul wood burner can be installed – it’s booked for this week! Heat at last and just in time for the Autumn temperatures to kick in….. no more thermals in the house, yippee.

Up on the top floor, things are flying! I’ve decided on a deep dark cladding to create a dramatic dormer bedroom. It does look a little like a Swedish sauna at the moment but not for long. First we need to seal all those knots with a primer / sealant, then get cracking with the paint. Grey or blue? I can’t quite decide.img_8136Outside, the A Team have started fixing the stunning new timber moulds made by Dressers onto the porch. I’ll properly blog this process as it’s been a lovely piece of restoration to work on, but in the meanwhile here’s a sexy curve for you to admire. The new moulding is made from sapele, a reddish brown moderately hard wood, which I’ve primed and undercoated. This week will see big changes as the last of the tarpaulin comes down to reveal a porch covered for over a year.img_8190Things have been getting mucky and then clean again up on the first floor as the newly opened up ceiling had the rafters extended, packed with insulation and a new cornice shelf built around the space ready for Leo to work his plasterwork magic. Definitely and utterly the last bit of dirty work in house.

Apart from finishing off the rigid insulation in the extension.

Oh, and the flooring in the office. DOH!img_8161Is this next one cheating? Sorry, it might just be, as strictly speaking it’s not a single image but a collage. I had a wonderful evening at the i-dott awards (which stands for Inspiring Designers of Tomorrow, Today) in the Whitworth Art Gallery as a guest of the Lancashire based wallpaper company Graham & Brown. The awards challenge students to create the surface pattern designs of the future and boy, did they nail it.

There was some seriously amazing work on show but the three below by Charlotte Holden, Sophie Shaw and Jessica Fox (clockwise from top) were my favs. I adored the myriad patterning in the two dark ones and found myself drawn to the darks, as usual. I’d have Jessica’s reinvention of an Old Masters botanical classic up in my house in a flash were it to be made into a buyable paper. And as for the bonkers pink one, it’s like the coolest nursery wallpaper on acid, quite brilliant.2016-10-10_0001This has been one of those weeks where so much has gone on I can’t keep up, never mind blog it all. Big changes will be happening this week and some of the nice stuff is beginning to come to the renovation fore. At last! x

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