Make It Moregeous: Our First Food Event!

img_8248Nothing makes a feeder happier than making sure people get fed, and feeding people can be a tad difficult when kitchenless. However, as we edge towards the nirvana of base units and the much longed for island, we thought it’d be fun to have a kind of mini-event, a taster of things to come here at Moregeous Mansions.

My dream (Or is it a plan? It sometimes feels like a plan but mostly it still feels like a dream), sorry where was I, oh yes…. my dream is to have foodie pop ups and chef collaborations here at home, inspired by lots of visits in recent years to superb supper clubs. For some I’ll cook, for some we’ll be having guest chefs, but for all there’ll be fab food and lots of it.

So, on Sunday, following a couple of planning pow-wows with the super talented Jan Cron from Tailored Chefs, we went for it and held an Autumn barbecue for a grub-lovin’ gang. And it was brill! cubx8kmwgaacie6-jpg-largeThe weather, oh boy, the weather. I’d put in a request for sunshine but such requests don’t always seem to get through from Manchester, strangely. On this occasion though the lines of communication worked marvellously and the skies stayed bright blue all day! Jan prepared fillet steak (beyond succulent), sweet king prawns, halloumi kebabs, juicy peri-peri chicken and a whole range of delicious salads. And I’m not kidding when I say Chef literally didn’t break a sweat, despite catering for 25 people, over a hot bbq, in the blazing sun. Utterly unflappable!

img_8241Confession. I may have had more than one of those spectacularly chunky brownies…..img_8230The home picked blackberry-vodka-prosecco cocktails went down a storm as did Mr M as official tour guide. Yep, we just need to get him one of those green blazers and a flag for next time 😉 img_8247Of course, we’re not always going to get this lucky with the weather but when there’s seating inside, more regular indoor supper club evenings will be the order of the day. On afternoons like this though, the Moregeous garden with its fire pits and lush planting is perfect for outdoor dining.cuvq5psw8aaim2mimg_8225img_8239Don’t just take it from me though, here are some of the comments on the day which made Jan and I very happy hosts:

“Fabulous food, beautiful house and great company.”@sueymarshall13

“Buttery soft steak, juicy chicken thighs, garlic prawns, sausage and halloumi in the Moregeous garden. Last BBQ of the year?” @EatSpendid

“Absolutely delicious food. We had a great time & your venue is perfect for events. Great location and a relaxed atmosphere. Would love to collaborate” @FoodSorcery

“Amazing pop up venue! Fabulous food and a charming mix of people.” SL

kirstenHuge, HUGE thanks to those who came along and supported this first Make It Moregeous  taster event. Massive thanks. No-one really knew what to expect, hell, I didn’t even know how it’d go, so for people to pay and take a chance is more appreciated than they know. You know who you are, I heart you, but if you couldn’t make it this time……

Watch this space for the next one!

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