Moregeous Monday Moments

Yes I know, it’s Wednesday. I’m a very bad blogger. Come round and slap my hands.

SO much has been going on in the last week that it was impossible to get this written in time for Monday. I do so want to be one of those bloggers who relaxes for a lovely cup of hot chocolate ‘n’ cake to write a post two days in advance, but well, that just ain’t my life. We’ve been surrounded by plumbing engineers and electricians here at Moregeous Mansions, organised chaos propelling us forward into a normal future of that which you lot all take for granted – heat!

IMG_8356.jpgYes, it finally happened and a little corner of our world now has warmth. It’s only in the downstairs living room, which isn’t actually liveable as there’s no floor yet and the windows are literally being demolished in a fortnight….. but it’s heat! Mr M and & I actually lit it, sat on camping chairs, warmed our toes and quaffed a bottle of red in front of the flames last night, then had to scoot through a cold house up to the gas fire warmed bedroom. We were working out that it’s been two years since we last sat downstairs on a sofa in our own house, utter craziness. This really feels like progress 🙂

Up on the top floor, after much umming and ahhing over Grey Versus Blue, I made the decision to take my own design advice : Trend AlertIMG_8253 (1).jpgI’d pondered over Basalt, Night’s Blue Arch and Hague Blue, but after the obligatory A4 painted samples coupled with gazing at the shades in various parts of the room next to the wallpaper and flooring, the decision was made. Made by Valspar, Portrait of a Blue Stocking is a rich, velvety navy which works wonderfully with the Farrow & Ball All White parts of room. We’ve panelled some of the walls to create a sumptuous and cosy nook for the bed and I love the deep navy with the original timber purlin, sanded and waxed. Cutting in around that was a joy, let me tell you *rolls eyes*img_8285The wallpaper is a bit bonkers but fabulous, I can’t wait to get it on the walls. Flooring wise up in the dormer there’s a design dilemma but that’s a whole other blog post.

Talking of flooring, I’ve spent a fair few hours over at the Baths as we’ve finally got to the amazing Amtico stage. This floor has already been laid in my head for months so it’s fabulous to help actually get it down. The Limed Grey (darker) and White Wash (lighter) Woods are just beautiful together but you never *really* know in such a large area (100 m sq) how something will actually look until it arrives and is fitted. Which is a tad scary. The ‘secret’ patterns are finally out of my brain and onto the ground…. and they work! Quite a few people had been quite worried about this floor, oh they of little faith 😉

IMG_8340.jpgWhat did we eat this week here at Moregeous? Not much on Monday whilst recovering from our first foodie event it’d be fair to say, but the rest of the week definitely saw the return of hearty warming dishes and autumnal veg. I’ve cheated and ordered some frozen CookFood dishes to help me out whilst juggling all this site work, but found time for a delicious Creole roast lamb dish. The half lamb we bought from Ladywood Farm in Derbyshire just keeps giving; it tasted sublime left pink and juicy. I’m a bit obsessed with roasted kale at the moment, drenched in olive oil, garlic and various spices. Spectacular mixed with baby red peppers and a Waitrose green wheatberry salad. IMG_8335.jpgThis week I was inspired by a zillion different images on IG and Pinterest, but this one really caught my eye. I’m immersed in all the darks whilst decorating at home at the moment so I guess this appealed because it’s exactly what I’m not doing this week! Love the decadent velvet, the white backdrop, the earthy fabric of the cushion and the soft pink folds. Blue & pink = unusual and cool. Random splashes of rug colour = something new trend wise. Big tick from me. Anyone know where the image is from?!IMG_8375.jpgUntil next Monday, DIY & interiors lovers x

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