I’m a fan of Farrow & Ball paint, as regular readers will know. Not ’cause they pay me to blog or send me free stuff, which they don’t, but because they make paint which is damn good quality, colour consistent years later and in beautiful shades.

I don’t use it everywhere simply because budgets don’t allow, quite simply it is more expensive than other brands like Valspar or Dulux and also brighter or metallic colours are occasionally more pertinent. But sometimes a little luxury is called for and sometimes no other shade will do. Such is the case at our Edwardian Baths restoration project where I’ve looked at lots of paint to ‘match’ the original tiles and found none better than Tallow, a warm but fresh colour noted for its ability to illuminate a room. The Bathhouse is filled with light anyway but for around the windows and for door frames,  I wanted a colour very close to the rich shading of the bathhouse walls.

So far, so easy. Tallow is a current colour, in stock, in the shops and in sample sizes. Easy painty peasy.

Next up, the pitched or angled ceilings……2016-08-19_0002It’d be equally easy peasy to paint them white, or Tallow, or any sort of pale shade really, but take a look at the original upper green tiled banding around the room, freshly revealed this week. There’s the same rich green tiled perimeter to the floor/wall joint. I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be a bit boring just to have a white ceiling? Wouldn’t it look interesting and lively and fresh in a different colour……..how about………. green!!

Now hang on a sec and think about it, because I can see that look on your face, the look everyone’s having when I say I want to paint the ceilings green. Everything above is white, all the window frames and purlins. Everything below is cream or white. Won’t a fabulous green make the pitched shiplap timbers just POP?!!

You might even call it a folly, which would be ironic as that’s just the shade I’ve fallen for: Folly Green. And wouldn’t you just know it, it’s blooming archived! 2016-08-19_0003Yep, No 76 is an ‘old’ colour, which seems bonkers to me as it’s quite lovely. It’s only available by special order rather than in the F&B shops, which made my life difficult as I couldn’t get a sample pot to help make a final decision on my madness. But I’ve not taken this as a sign, oh no. I’ve taken it as a personal challenge.

Straight onto google I leapt, after first ascertaining from Farrow & Ball that there were no more sample pots available, boo hoo. Online store after online store brazenly displayed their Folly Green wares, only to foil me at the final hurdle when it came to pay and the dreaded ‘No Longer Available’ banner appeared.

Until my search reached Norfolk. Norfolking way, I’d found one! Buried deep in the website of Norwich’s Warings At Home was what is I think the sole remaining Folly Green sample pot known to man. I heart you Warings!

2016-08-19_000424hrs later, my little green goddess was here at Moregeous Mansions and she even came with a lovely note – what nice people!

So let that be a lesson to us all. If you want something bad enough, there’s always a way and if you want an archived Farrow & Ball tester pot, get googling because someone, somewhere will have just the one you desire.

Now I just need to test my folly at the Baths and see if all this was worth it, or whether I really have gone mad and everyone else was right…..

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