Inspiration: Going Deep & Dark Green For 2017

Unlike all the well organised bloggers, there’s no specifically Christmassy posts here this year as we hurtle towards the final furlong of the Moregeous Manison reno. It’s all about the interiors as we head into 2017 but I thought I’d pop this post up as I’ve been meaning to do it for ages and it’ll serve as one of few festive things I do before the actual big day. Why festive? Because it’s like one humungous Christmas Tree of vivid greenery, made up of a stream of consciousness from the interior obsessives out there.

Everyone’s been getting all of a dither over Greenery because Pantone have announced that’s the colour of the year 2017, but me, I’m not so sure. This yellowy-green is just a bit too 2009, which is when it was all over London Design Festival.Pantone Greenery.jpg

I’m with them that green will be increasingly popular but I think it’ll be a much richer, deeper vibe tickling our fancy. Yellow greens are vibrant and exciting but the greens which I’m in love with at the moment are the properly sexy ones, rich shades of hunter and forest greens on everything from floors to cabinets, offset with creams or whites and highlighted by burnished metallics.

2016-12-23_0006.jpgThese down-deeps work wonderfully with natural timbers, pale or dark, and Arthide capture the tones perfectly on their natural hide geometric rug. Minerals effects make a bold impact and what about being really brave with herringbone gloss floor tiles. No going back from this one eh? 😉

Green flooring.jpgl reckon it was the DeVol kitchen which sealed the green deal with the Insta and blogger crowd sometime last summer with their stunning Peckham Rye cabinets below. To. Die. For.the-peckham-rye-kitchenHowever on saying that, back as far ago as 2013 this flooring (which I think is called Dandelion) was getting blogger attention, so it just show you how long trends take to grab a hold. They are gorgeous aren’t they, I could live with these, most definitely.

dandelion-tilesI starting noticing and pinning from around summer ’16 on, as more and more influencers & bloggers logged deep greens onto their radar. Let’s face it if it’s recommended by Living Etc and featured on Dezeen, it’s smoking hot.2016-12-23_0008.jpg It was also summer when we were working on the heritage space and plumped for a Folly Green ceiling, which I was really surprised that most people voted for in our mini straw poll. Green was starting to win everyone over!2016-12-23_0002London Design Festival in September was in no way awash with the tones but some of the coolest stands featured it. Bethan Grey, Kit Miles and Lapicida were amongst those stepping bravely into colour and it looked incredibly fresh.

Lara Bohinc for Lapicida2016-12-23_0012The Mondrian ventured into a territory most of us wouldn’t dare to with deep emerald and bubblegum pink, and Annie Sloan launched the new Amsterdam Green shade. Was it all feeling a bit retro? Maybe, but brilliantly so.

2016-12-23_0014You don’t need to go completely wild if that’s not your bag, a couple of plates and a light shade will suffice but really, when you look at these images don’t you just yearn to go botanically crazy?!

2016-12-23_00102016-12-23_0015.jpgElle Decor have sneaked it in and Bert & May are shooting their new furniture….2016-12-27_0007

What seemed like a crazy idea now doesn’t seem so bonkers does it? I smiled wryly when I saw this Facebook memory from 7yrs ago with me dissing a pub ceiling, then looked up in Autumn at what is soon to be my Moregeous living room…. 2016-12-23_0003img_8064So how about it, do you like the yellow greens a la Pantone or are you on Team Deep Green? Will you be ushering in lots of house plants to get the shade into your home, or will you be truly going for it with decor, accessories, furniture and even cabinetry?

Go on, take the plunge, I dare you! x

PS There are more details on images featured over on my Pinterest board

Addendum: Just reading February’s Living Etc and yep, for 2017, the grass is definitely greener on the other side…..

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