Moregeous Event: Foodie Frenchester Pop-Up

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog in recent weeks, mainly because juggling a massive renovation and working on / filming several super but rather large client jobs for a new BBC TV show is fairly time consuming!! Anyhow you know me, never one not to throw yet another challenge into the mix, we’re hosting a fabulous French supper club next Saturday 8 April. met the lovely Pauline at one of the Drunken Butcher dinners the other week and she told me how she adores to cook French food (cause she is, er, French, so that explains that) and holds small supper clubs at her flat under the moniker “Frenchester”. Her food is typically Parisienne, with seasonal ingredients and recipes passed down from her mother and grandmother. She was looking for a place to hold a very special supper club though, to use her culinary skills to raise some money to help her friend who is very poorly. All the profits she would make from this one off evening would go to help Mandy’s fund but finding a venue was proving tough. How could I not offer?? I’ll be honest though, when the wine fuzz had worn off the next day I sort of thought she’d come and look and say TBNT, but instead she looked rather delighted and immediately said yes please. And within about 5 mins I think we were on Eventbrite.

Yes, I know we’re still in the middle of work, but that’s the whole point of a supper club right, that people see unusual venues and have never to be had again experiences? Everyone who comes here always has a good nosey round and usually has some house related question they get an answer too, so couple that with amazing French food and a good cause, sounds like a winner 🙂

The tickets are only £5 plus the Eventbrite fee of 90p, and then you basically donate what you think the meal / experience was worth afterwards. It’s BYO too, for those who like a tipple.

Welcome Apéritif & canapés

Petite salade de saison et croustillants au chèvre

Seasonal salad with goat cheese parcel

Boeuf aux carottes à ma façon

Slow cooked beef and carrot stew in white wine

Vegetarian option available: seasonal vegetables gratin

Tarte à la rhubarb de Nana

Nana’s rhubarb tart

Come join us next Saturday! Here’s the link for tickets:

Sian x

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