Can An Electric Shower Light Pinterest On Fire?

There are so SO many drop dead gorgeous images of mixer showers in all shades of brass, nickel and copper that it’s become almost impossible to choose the delicious one you want, but what if your humble bathroom only has an electric shower? A mixer shower requires a hot water feed direct from a combi- or condensing boiler or from a hot water tank, and quite simply some houses don’t have this capacity. Instead many UK bathrooms have electric showers which only need a cold water feed and then heat that water up using their electric supply.

Here’s the rub. Even though thousands and thousands of people buy electric showers, all the main ‘design’ focus pretty much ignores them. I don’t say that to be rude about the companies who do design and sell electric models, and there are certainly more options now than when it was a white box, a white box or, um, a white box. I remember the point years ago whilst designing lots of rental bathrooms and manufacturers first started introducing chrome / silver models, I was so excited! I remind you, that was 2001 😉

Anyhoo, what’s happened since. Well, they’ve introduced lots of new technical stuff and eco stuff and watery stuff and all of that is super important but what about the thing that makes us melt, the design? I’m yet to see an electric shower light Pinterest on fire. I know that’s partly due to their practical inability to be sleek and button free but come on guys, can someone please get a big designery name to come up with something amazing? Don’t kid us it’d be way too expensive to develop a sexy electric shower because we know you can do it.

Plating and coating surfaces to make them long lasting can be tricky and chrome is relatively cheap and very durable, but with all the advances in tech, surely someone can come up with something. Who’d have bought a coloured fridge til Smeg started the ball rolling, or desired a saucy toaster til Dualit and Delonghi, or imagined a crystal hood til Elica pushed the extraction boat out? Yes, these items aren’t constantly battered by daily deluges of water and cleaning products but still. Moregeoys kitchen appliances.jpgSo what’s brought on this plea / rant? I’ve three bathrooms to design and install here at Moregeous Mansions and we’re half way through two and have first fixed on the main one. Two have mixer showers fed from the giant hot water tank but I’ve popped an electric shower in the third, a guest ensuite, just in case our boiler ever packs up so we can still get clean. Once this house is done I am never and I repeat never packing up my towel to shower at anyone else’s house again, after two years of showering at my dads down the road!!

The tiles in the aforementioned en-suite are, quite literally, to die for. Brand new and utterly delicious, they should be going on sometime this week and so I needed a lushtastic shower to enhance and not detract from them. White plastic box, no thanks! The lighting is galvanised silver and the wallpaper for the bedroom area soft grey & cream, so silver tones were perfectly acceptable (even though elsewhere I’m lusting after brass and copper).IMG_0685.JPGThough there’s no other polished chrome in the room, it’s incredibly hard to find electric showers without this finish somewhere on their person. I don’t mind a mix of metallic finishes however, in fact it’s quite the thing at the moment. Bearing in mind all the previous comments and how hard I think it is to find a sexy electric shower, I was pretty pleased to find this on called Amore by Triton Showers. I’ve used them a lot in the past for our rentals and they’re reliable and decent quality so here she is, the brushed steel bathing beauty I picked. What do you think? Good choice?IMG_0923.JPG5012663150096_01c.jpegI contacted my rep to see if I could buy at a good trade rate but Triton fell so in love with the tiles and ideas for the room, and wanted some images to use, that they sent me one for free! I hadn’t asked for a freebie and was quite happy to pay for it, as I have for many of their showers before now, but I’m not going to look a gift shower in the mouth. Renovations are expensive, dontcha know and every little helps. I cannot WAIT to see this shower area finished!!

Still however, I think that there’s a trick being missed by shower manufacturers. They could make some super spectacular models for 2017, ok maybe for 2018. I’m available for design advice and collaborations guys. Making Showers Moregeous, it’s definitely got a ring to it 😉

(PS If you like this shower, here it is ) x

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