The Chiding Voice of the Lapsed Blog

Oh boy, it’s the guilt. Full time / earning bloggers aside, anyone who has ever blogged will know the chiding voice of the Lapsed Blog. The voice which sounds exactly like the person in the AA meeting who stands up and says “My name is X and it’s been 78 days since my last drink”, ‘cept it says “My name is Sian Astley and it’s been 43 days since my last post” Then it whispers, quietly, with intent and on repeat: “You. Are. BOBBINS”.

Us bloggers do now have a bit of an InstaExcuse to fall back on, these new micro blogs of life done every hour and brilliantly by InstaGods and occasionally and less well by us lesser InstaMortals. I do some Stories and occasionally write the obligatory soliloquy under square box photo accompanied by 17,342 super relevant tags, but I’m not very good at sticking to one theme, be it reno shots, or food, or super gorgeous images all in the same filter selling the same lifestyle. My IG is as messy as my life right now dammit. 2017 got underway pretty negatively for me with our family bereavement, then suddenly became super busy with an unexpected raft of not-able-to-blog filming, then we just about started to crack on with DIY here and I got floored by a pain relapse. The first four 2017 months have pretty much blog-jogged on without me.

When your confidence takes a knock or life gets you down, I’d warrant that many people, many ‘bloggers’, think this: What’s the bloomin’ point, no-one will care if I never put another post on again. But actually, regardless of who reads my posts, I miss it. I miss the writing, the diary-like entries, the cathartic release in my dusty, dirty reno world. And people have been asking me why I’ve stopped, which has been weird and nice all at once. Thus, I’m sitting on the sofa, ice packing my ass – ok, lower back, but ass sounds better, doesn’t it –  and thinking Ok Si, now might be a good time to write something. So I am.

2017-05-17_0001.jpgNext up I’m going to order one of these fancy ice pack things instead of my sad melting peas. I might also try and order her ass instead of mine.

So, no DIY, no advice, no inspirational images and no recommendations but I broke the 43 days. The Lapsed Blog Voice can take a hike for at least a week. I’m dipping my blog toe back in the water and will try and get fully immersed again as our DIY picks back up here, and exciting things start to happen again 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Chiding Voice of the Lapsed Blog

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  1. This made me laugh! Well done you for breaking the lapse, and I absolutely totally know what you mean – sometimes the blog just takes a back seat, as much as you’d like it not to. Really sorry to hear you’re in pain. Suffered daily headaches earlier in the year myself, and pain just gets in the way of pretty much everything so you should give yourself a pat on the back for achieving anything at all, tbh! And you still seem to be doing all sorts, so consider yourself superwoman! x

    1. It totally does get in the way of everything Anna, you’re spot on there! We’re all superwomen in our own way, with the stuff we have going on behind the social media ‘images’, lol. X

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