Tile Pattern Dilemma!

IMG_1756So we went for it! The yellow patterned tiles you can see in the fireplace above have been carefully lifted ready to be laid elsewhere at Moregeous Mansions. I finished hanging the wallpaper this morning now the floor is fully sanded, plus sealed and ultra matt coated the boards twice, in this please god-send-a-thunderstorm heat. Sweaty lady-builder. Not the most glamorous of Bank Holiday weekends to be honest.

Water based varnishes dry in a flash, so I kicked off my trainers to go barefoot on the boards and play around with the vibrant green beauties we found on our Yorkshire road trip this week. Oh blimey. First the big decision on whether to remove the originals and lay the greenies at all, and now what blinking pattern to lay. Have a look and tell me what you think…

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So that’s straight bond. Classic, simple, uncomplicated. Very few cuts – a good thing 😉 Dare I say it, a tad boring? But the wallpaper which covers every wall is pretty detailed and so are the ensuite tiles, so maybe this plainer pattern is a good foil for the room.IMG_1758Brick bond. A bit more metro tile like, slightly more contemporary in feel. Hard to dislike and most people like this style. I like this style. But I’ve laid quite a lot of tiles like this. On that basis alone, the brick bond might be swerved. Might.

IMG_1759Brick bond with darker shaded mutants thrown in. Ah, now this throws a different light on standard brick bond. With only four of these darker tiles in our little green box of treasure, it’s a small mutant input but I reckon they do add something.IMG_1763Or the wild card, the diamond pattern. Oh the cuts. He’ll bloomin’ kill me if this is plumped for, because it’s the one with by far and away the most work involved. Plus I’ll need to work out if we even have enough tiles to do it. The cast iron fireplace will hide the rear sides so we could possibly, just about, if we’re lucky get away with minor gaps.

I’m already thinking about how to overcome the issues with this pattern. The main issue being persuading him to cut them for me. And whether to throw in the mutants obv.IMG_1761I think I’ll sleep on it.

Sleep and dream of tiles.

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