Moregeous Monday Moments

IMG_2893It’s been a week of a firsts! We’ve steamed ahead, me fuelled by Red Bull and codeine and the boys fuelled by, well, just look above. It’s amazing that those herringbone lines are in straight lines 😉 The drive is nearly finished and I bloody love it. The final whackering down is yet to happen so the gaps are still sandless – the DIY savvy amongst you will have noticed that straight away- and I’ll post some pics when it’s 100% there but Matt & Mr M really REALLY deserved those beers. Doing the driveway this last fortnight has transformed the garden from a reclamation yard to feeling almost finished. Apparently the weather is going to be absolutely bloody dreadful this week, of course it is, but I don’t care because we’re pretty much mud free for the first time in 3yrs – YIPPEE!

And another first? Sleeping in ‘our’ room, on ‘our’ super king mattress, which has been dragged all around the house as it’s been demolished and renovated, bashed apart and rebuilt. There’s no flooring in the room yet, the fireplace isn’t grouted, the skirtings aren’t on, but the walls are painted, the headboard is fitted, lights are glowing and the blinds are up. It’s a funny thing isn’t it, being ‘in your own bed’ and even though I love the other two bedrooms now complete, we’ve both slept SO well in the last few nights, it’s been fabulously refreshing.2017-07-24_0001It was weird though, opening our eyes to see the vaulted ceiling above. We’ve not actually slept in that room since the original ceiling came down two years ago and the high lines of the roof were revealed. Working in it is one thing. Waking up in it, quite another. Big steps like moving rooms feel like milestones when you’re renovating and living in a property, and this was a big step 🙂

Sneaky peek above of the huge timber pieces which form the headboard and the cute globe pendants I bought from Industville too. We (the royal we, i.e. he) swapped the cords over from black to pale linen to give a more textured vibe contrasting with the sophisticated brass, dead easy to do and now electrical cords can be bought in pretty much any colour there’s no excuse not to go bespoke.

Up in the Daddy Dormer we finally finished off the bed deck shelving to stop the mattress moving around and used some of the old floorboards from the room, buffed and polished to form the tops. Looks a bit orangey in this pic but it doesn’t in real life, it just has the gorgeous rich glow of yellow pine. The perfect width for a lap top and late night USA GoT viewing.

DSC06166I pretty much completed the house shelf in the same room too, but keep forgetting to put ordering the glass shelf on my To Do list. My To Do list which just keeps getting longer and longer with every passing week. The piece of waney edge oak from B&Q actually looks great, I thought it might be too thick but didn’t have any other timber pieces wide enough at 90cm to fit. DSC06167It provides a good contrast with the crisp white and regal blue but I felt two timber slabs would have been too heavy, so have chosen to have a piece of glass above. Do you agree?

More playing with beading in the bathroom as I started to create a panelled feel to the Pitch Black walls. Only two walls to do but of course there are several different box sizes and everything has to be mitred perfectly. It’s so fiddly! DSC06157I’ve always wanted a panelled bathroom though so I’m persevering by doing a little bit every day, just so it doesn’t completely do my head and back in. Nearly there now, I just have to nail punch all the tacks and give it all another coat of paint.DSC06154Lots of changes eh, do they get the thumbs up?

This week’s up coming jobs include some truly boring stuff like ventilation and brick cleaning so if I were you I’d maybe give us a swerve next Monday and come back in a fortnight.

Obviously those of you who know us really well know that this may change entirely and we will probably get bored with all the dull stuff and decide to do something totally radical by Wednesday. So maybe swerve the swerve, if you get my drift x

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