Clean 18 : Switching To Our Glass Milk Bottle Delivery In Manchester

I fear I may have peaked early. My best decision of the 2018 is a done deal. It’s all downhill from here.

Even though the small, family run dairy farm I could see across the fields from my bedroom window had a proper name, “Worsleys”, the bottles which appeared every morning on our doorstep were only ever called one thing – Farmer Jack’s. Creamy and rich, the milk literally couldn’t have been any fresher. The cows grazed out in the fields for hours, to be herded back in at teatime. Local kids would traipse up the winding road clutching enough coins for another bottle when tea loving parents had used up the delivery. This was very irritating when there was serious playing out to be accomplished. We’d find and play with the farm kittens in the barns and dare each other to run through the stinky hen sheds. We all drove the aforementioned Jack potty by crawling on our bellies flattening the long grass, making tunnels and ruining what was supposed to be growing tall ready for the summer hay making. That very same annual baling which all us kids would then *help* with, scooping bundles of warm cropped straw from around the field edges and chucking it directly  into the path of the tractor to bundle up into giant building blocks to play on. It was the 70’s. Health and Safety was still an infant.


I don’t know who first decreed it a good idea to repackage milk into plastic cartons – Mr Tesco maybe, or Mr Asda? – but it was a terrible one with terrible consequences. Anyone else loathe those huge litre cartons, feeling not only the plastic shame but also the waste  shame when the precious milk goes off if we don’t drink it quickly enough? The use of milk as a loss leader by supermarkets has undoubtedly devalued the product. Lower margins have resulted in an increasing use of factory farming methods in the UK, definitely unpleasant and some would say downright cruel to the ever pregnant cows. Higher standards and more pasture time means costlier milk, a price we should all bear gladly.  I made the decision to start buying organic milk over Christmas, but hadn’t for one second considered the notion of an actual milk bottle until someone mentioned a delivery service in Stockport.

Inspired by the Clean 18 and anti-plastic campaigns over New Year, I made a couple of enquiries, not really expecting any success. In my city of Manchester, I’ve never seen a milkman (Disclaimer: not that I’m usually up that early, but still) and no-one I knew had ever mentioned glass bottles. Guess what?

IMG_0037I found one! I found a milkman. And as soon as I started banging on about it on my Twitter and Instagram…. I discovered that other people I knew were ALREADY GETTING IT DELIVERED!

I was (a) cross with them for not telling me sooner, (b) embarrassed I’d not investigated this change before now, then pretty rapidly (c) delighted to be able to ditch the plastic cartons.
IMG_0034Not only is Moregeous Mansions now enjoying milk in glass bottles, sitting pretty on my doorstep three times a week, but also eggs, cream, bread and even fresh meat from a local butchers called Little Pigs. And cranberry juice in glass bottles too.

I absolutely love this change in our lives. Love it.

IMG_0347Mr M, it has to be said, was more enamoured with the unbelievable size of the ham steaks ordered. Bargains rein supreme here and Creamline, the local dairy who now deliver to us, offer 50% off your first meat & bread delivery. Sold! As well as a large free range chicken, lamb mince, bacon, sausages and steak (I know, I went a bit meat crazy), four giant slabs of ham were devoured here this week. Best gammon I’d had in years.

Even more to adore is the fact that several social media pals have also been in touch with Creamline this week to organise their own fresh Cheshire glass bottled milk. How great is that?

Plus, the dairy got in touch when they saw all our tweets and Instas to ask if I want to run a competition next week for a Moregeous reader to win a fantastic breakfast hamper! Details coming up tomorrow (Monday the 15th).

2018-01-14_0002Like I said, we’ve peaked early. Ditching the plastic milk cartons and finding a glass doorstop delivery has felt like finding treasure. I’m not sure anything else will make me as happy this year! Have I inspired you to google a local milkman? Hope so 🙂

Keep popping back to see the other changes we’re making to try and achieve a Clean 18 and do our Moregeous bit x



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