Manchester Launches It’s Brilliant Airbnb “Experiences” – Support Your Local Indies!

599432df-0295-45c1-8c2a-65b2d1223051Three weeks in and 18 guests have so far left Moregeous Mansions buzzing with new reno ideas and interiors inspiration. However, it’s not just guests buzzing here. Remember me asking if anyone fancied joining me on this leap into the unknown? I’d eyed up truffle hunting in Prague, clay sculpting in Paris and secret jazz gigs in Brixton, and was pretty convinced that there’d also be some cool Manc hosts out there. Guess what. I was right!

It’s not just Mr M and I having a bash at this hosting malarkey, oh no. I love my pals, you’re so blooming brave!! You got in touch and fancied having a go, wanting to share your skills and your passions, and celebrate this city of ours with both visitors and locals. Let’s take a look at some of the brilliant tours and experiences on offer from the Moregeous gang 🙂a9f3f1ee-342a-4e4e-9922-bb26fafb71ddMoney where our mouths are on this one, the Make A Manchester Bee tour with local  artist Amanda McCrann. Amanda is commissioned to design and make amazing pieces for people over the country, one of most recent commissions was for Manchester City, so to be able to learn the intricacies of her work and create your very own bee – like the ones above – is really quite special. I paid to go on her workshop last Sunday and we just adore our bees, made at Hatch after a walk around the city exploring architecture and the Manc style. I cannot believe that he finished first, Mr DIY strikes again!! A day out, with a glass of fizz, a tour and your own gorgeous art work – brilliant value.
c35fb50b-d3b0-47f2-9ab4-a5521862604eI’m also booked on the lovely Karen Clough’s Instagramworthy MCR Colour Walk, which celebrates the city’s colourful nooks and crannies, exploring street art and architecture and finds the best and brightest shots and spots. Grey may be the order of the day with today’s architects but Karen finds the fun with which to brighten your weekend.5850e407-fa1b-4aa4-8645-d6dc1e478b63A few years ago I enjoyed a pewter making day at Manchester Craft Centre and still adore my very own handmade make-up vase, stamped with Moregeous across the front. I’m delighted that Ella McIntosh, who runs This Is Pewter, is hosting a Create A Bee Keyring session in her central city studio. She’s so lovely to work with (take it from me) and you’ll treasure your momento forever. a78c2335-4221-43d1-836a-bfbf77400aadSorry, but who doesn’t love chocolate? Learn the skills it takes to make your own, watch how chocolate is tempered, how to prep a ganache and even make then scoff your own truffles. I’ll be doing this experience very soon but speaking as someone who’s bought chocolates from award winning chief chocolatier Sarah Gallagher for years, and who rates her salted caramel brownies as officially To Die For, I already know it’ll be worthy of the title Sweet Dreams : Make & Taste Chocolate. Jump on the metro to West Didsbury for this one.16aebf80-6852-4235-b46d-9bb9d8d814f7Did you see the recent Not Quite Light evening I took my dad along to, a fabulous tour of one of Manchester’s best kept fashion and heritage secrets, Private White VC? The super talented arranger of that evening, renowned photographer Simon Buckley, is hosting exclusive Airbnb tours to explore Manchester with him at dawn or dusk. You’ll get professional tips on technique and composition, and learn how to best Capture The City and the moment. How cool is that and Simon is super friendly as well, so there’s zero professional stuffiness involved. Although, I’m not too great at dawn, this’d have to be a dusk tour for me 😉929a1678-9a18-4aab-8115-67579fa985ccAll this walking and making is making me hungry….. so food, glorious food next. Rob Kelly takes you on a gastronomic tour of the city, weaving your way from a cup of tea onto honey tales in the Cathedral, to Chinatown, Mackie Mayor, traditional ice-cream and several other stops. Do not even think about eating before you do this tour and that’s an order. Magnificent Manchester Food awaits  you 🙂006360fc-0b54-419e-a994-cbcba0fbb990Sometimes, words are not enough. Besides which, Steve ‘Adj’ Atherton has enough words for all of us. Raconteur, tour manager, super group chief organiser and all round bad boy, his tour is neither for the faint hearted nor the under-age. Hear tales from tours when Steve ‘looked after’ (ahem) groups like The Stone Roses and organised (illegal) raves like the legendary Flower Shows. You’ll need a stiff drink after this tour. Luckily, you’ll also get one.

As you can probably tell, I think these tours are ace, and I think the people who are hosting them are too. By booking on these you’re supporting micro-businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and just downright interesting people, people having a go and getting out there trying something new. Don’t buy something else you just don’t need, spend your money on doing something fun and engaging instead. And, yes, that’s another order 😉

Plus, of course, if you’re plain ol’ house nosey you could book on ours, taking part in the reno day to beat all reno days. Don’t believe me? Ask them….c4bf4a51-abfe-4ea3-9ac9-3bd35e681791

This platform has been and is brilliant for our new venture,  I honestly couldn’t be happier that we’ve given it a go.

If after reading all this you feel that you’ve a tour or Experience brewing inside you too, then drop me an email to to ask more and get started – what have you got to lose 🙂98ea23ef-1a61-4958-ac4d-cec87a964a5d

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