Airbnb To Launch Manchester Experiences : Food, Tours, Arts, Sport… Fancy Joining Me As A Host?

airbnb-trips-1024x576As most Moregeous readers already know, Mr M & I run an Airbnb and love it. Ok, maybe not the ironing, but definitely everything else. It brings us an income stream, yes, but more than that we get to share a small part of Manchester out of ‘the centre’, meaning guests who wouldn’t normally get to stay anywhere but a mainstream hotel get to taste a side of our city usually only enjoyed by us locals. That’s is the feedback we get too, from people who’ve stayed at the Pad from all over the world, for all types of reasons. They love the feeling of living like a resident, enjoying Sarah’s chocolates at Cocoa Cabana, Ben’s amazing breakfasts at Thyme Out and maybe a Sunday roast sharing platter in Volta.

I can totally understand, therefore, Airbnb’s diversification into Experiences, launched in 2016 and designed to put travellers in touch with a wide variety of locals all offering unique perspective on the city or area visited. Instead of waiting in boring queues, getting the same old Kodak moment photo or being fleeced at the usual tourist traps, you can dive into a city’s culture, dine in pop ups or cycle the backstreets safe in the knowledge that you’re in, well, safe hands.

Fancy getting involved before Manchester even launches? You’ve come to the right blog. AirBNB-tripsI’m helping Airbnb find the coolest and most interesting hosts for their launch in our amazing city this Spring. We’re looking for hosts who love and live sport, food, music and the arts, who know the secret places that adventurous guests want to see and who want to share those places in regular tours and hosted events.

Maybe like Maté in Budapest – aka Fatboy Foodie – you fancy hosting a tasting tour of Manchester, showing visitors your favourite haunts and drinking spots?Fat Boy Foodie BudapestOr maybe you have a really cool Manchester job like Dirk, a travel writer in Berlin which you can share to give guests an insight into your world  and the city they’ve come to see?East Berlin Travel Writer DirkHaving lived here for over 25yrs, I’m pretty sure that Manchester doesn’t have any truffle hunting forests. Can’t see it happening in Platt Fields somehow, but this is the sort of tour I’d want to do in Prague with Nela the truffle huntin’ dog, searching out these delicacies then getting to taste the treasure. You get the picture right? Experiences should be just that, something unique to our home city and unique to you, which people will pay to enjoy.Prague Truffle HuntingI’d love to find some hosts to share Manchester’s extraordinary music past (and present). Doesn’t have to involve live music – like the incredible Brixton Hidden Jazz Club which has over 260 reviews and which hundreds of people have enjoyed – but it could. Or it could be just you, sharing your passion for the indie scene, or a tour of rave favs. Yes, I know, why did they turn the Haç into flats? #madnessBrixton Hidden Jazz AirbnbManchester is full of passionate artists and talented crafters. It’ll come as no surprise that lots of visitors to a city not only want to visit galleries and museums, but also want to immerse and learn, hands on and practically. How cool does this sculpting class look, with Paris based artist Alexandre Haulet? Thanks to Onculsi Photography for blogging this experience.Paris Alexandre Haulet Airbnb ExperienceIf that lot hasn’t inspired you then I don’t know what will! I literally want to pack my bags and head off to Alexandre’s studio. Do you fancy sharing your world with people who want to see more of Manchester than the usual haunts?

I’m off out all day today meeting some brilliant people I know who’ve been pulling together ideas (yes, that puts me squarely in trouble with Mr Moregeous as he wants me to be painting our newly plastered hallways!). If you’re interested in getting involved I’ll leave you in CEO Brian Chesky’s capable hands, as he can explain far better than I why Airbnb has launched this new concept.

Can’t wait to share some of our ideas! If you’re on Instagram, make sure you pop over to our  Stories today to see more and meet some new hosts.

Before I round off, I just wanted to share my most favourite one, in China. Shanghai to be exact. If I ever go to Shanghai, I’m going to tour with Hali, the Border Collie.Shanghai Dog WalkingWho wouldn’t want to meet Hali, who is an angel, even though he’s limited his owners. A lot. He has heart melting charm. It’s not a good idea to wear skirts or dresses around Hali, and wet wiping fur removers are included. Hali’s snacks are also included. Not snacks for you. Snacks for Hali. There is nothing about this tour description I don’t love. The question is, do you have a dog and is your dog better than Hali? 🙂


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