New BBC2 Property Show for 2019: Your Home, Made Perfect

Whoop whoop! The brand new trailer for the show Mr M and I have been working on has gone live and I couldn’t be more excited to finally see some of the green screen action everyone’s been talking about!

We’ve been beavering away behind the scenes, racing up and down the motorway working with the homeowners, builders and our two very talented architects Robert Jamison and Laura Clark to turn all the virtual reality filmed last summer into bricks and mortar reality. There are fifteen ambitious builds all at different stages and 15 brilliant couples who couldn’t decide what to do with their renovation projects – until they got involved with the show! The idea is that the couples choose from two incredible VR proposals, actually see their homes brought to new life and transformed into something they’d never imagined.

When we got involved last summer all the VR action had already been filmed so to see it on the trailer is pretty awesome, but I can’t wait to see the whole episodes. How does this happen eh? Mr M and I get the dust, the site visits, the mud and the cleaning…. and Robert, Laura and host Angela Scanlon get the glamour!

Now you see why I haven’t been blogging much. With sites as far afield as Stirling, Margate and Wiltshire, I’ve kinda had my hands full – on top of our own reno work still pootling along at Moregeous HQ of course. It’s all too easy to feel guilty about what you don’t do isn’t it, but I’m having to check myself and this fabulous little trailer is a reminder of what we have been doing.

Righto, off to do a viewing on one of the rentals, check Dave the Carpenter’s new boxing off in the Daddy Dormer and pick up something for tea. I’ve a feeling we’ll be back on the road again this week…

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