A Property TV Alternative: The Real Homes Show

It’s ALL about the content these days isn’t it? One side of my life is currently spend whizzing all over the country working on an ‘actual’ TV show – the new Your Home, Made Perfect for BBC2 this Spring. But something else is afoot. I’ve done a tonne of filming in the past couple of years with the fab Real Homes magazine and some of our videos are going to be included in this…

Because now, thanks to the power of t’internet, pretty much anyone can launch their own TV channel. Video is king and queen, and it seems everyone is getting in on the act. If your brand hasn’t got video content, whether it’s You Tube, Instagram Stories or your own in house web-channel – you might as well forget it!

Podcasts are being launched left, right and centre, and there’s a race to get interviews nailed down and online. 10 years ago I used to present a show called Homesmine for the now defunct Channel M in Manchester and we had free rein to go to design shows and interview who we wanted – we were ahead of our time! For 2019, I reckon Real Homes have the experts, the knowledge and the passion for property to make this work, and it’ll be super interesting to see it develop. I remember having a conversation with my programme director Michael all those years ago in which we were convinced audiences would shrink, but that it wouldn’t matter. Indeed now, people can form tribes, dependent on what they love, and watch content accordingly. No longer do millions mindlessly tune into what programmers want us to watch. Instead we pick and choose when and what. We now have the power to watch only what floats our boat.

For advertisers, it used to be that the prime slot in Corrie meant paying big bucks to reach millions in the hope that a small proportion of those millions would be interested in their brands. It’s why B&Q used to sponsor C4’s property shows for example, or why Persil advertised during the soaps, ‘scuse the pun. Now those advertisers can target much smaller audiences in the confidence that those audiences are totally interested in their wares. Think cleaning products on Mrs Hinch’s channel, Simply Cook on Jamie Oliver’s site or Checkatrade on the new Real Homes Show. Authentic collaborations and sponsorships work well, they reach their intended audiences and everyone’s a winner.

If you’re renovating or decorating, there’s an answer online for every question, you just have to know where to find it! Thanks for including our videos Real Homes – I look forward to watching the finished shows 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the fab article – and for touring all those amazing Insta homes for us 😍! Can’t wait to share the first episode xx

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