Your Home, Made Perfect – 8pm April 16th – Sneaky Peeks!!

I can finally show you a clip of the real thing!! The actual show we’ve been running around the UK for over the last 8 months. Instead of just sneaking you shots of muck and steel on Instagram,  our very first episode goes out next Tuesday, BBC2, 16 April at 8pm!! Honestly, at times, we’ve forgotten we’re actually making a TV show, ’cause we don’t actually see any cameras on our side of the job, but now it’s really, really real.

The Beeb have put some clips up on their O-fficial website of the very first episode, showing our architects Robert and Laura up in Stirling with homeowners Andy and Esther, playing around with walls, floors, windows and doors. The VR is incredible, truly ground breaking. Here, don’t take my word for it, take a look….

It’s so very hard for homeowners to imagine plans coming to life. So few people can actually imagine what drawn plans will look like in reality, or visualise what space there will be when an architect or interior design tells them to “imagine that wall gone”.  We can already go to kitchen and bathroom showrooms and see those room layouts brought to life in 3D, imagine a time when architects and builders will be able to show us out whole houses in the same way!!

What am I saying, you don’t have to imagine, you can just watch next Tuesday. The future is here 😉


So proud to be part of it, and to have been appointed project manager for the show 🙂

It’s not over for us yet, even though the first one is aired next week, we’re still beavering away behind the scenes supporting the architects, the fab production company, Remarkable TV, and the homeowners.

These first four episodes are just a taste of the amazing transformations to come!

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  1. Love the show, so interesting. Where can I find the light fitting from the Grantham episode, which I see you have a picture of labelled ‘fun’ on your page please? It’s gorgeous!

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