Video: Moregeous Design Re-design At The Flower Lounge, Didsbury

We were delighted this week to see the fabulous Flower Lounge in Didsbury and owner Siân Wild featured in The Guardian in a story about independent businesses reopening their doors after Lockdown. It’s been an incredibly challenging time for small companies, just imagine owning a business built around weddings, and suddenly literally no weddings. I’ve no doubt that Siân survive this storm and know this from personal experience after having worked with her crack team to redesign and re-fit their shop interior just before we started on the Your Home Made Perfect series.

Rather foolishly, as reading the article, it dawned on me that I’d never followed up on my original blog post – promises promises eh. So here we go! Really I should be painting the utility room right now but I need a break from staring at white walls and this is as good a reason as any.

Many of the ideas and tricks I employed on this job are as useful in our homes as they are in shop situations. It’s all about storage. Yeh yeh, we all imagine Marie Kondo-ing our lives and making like Trappist Monks to divest ourselves of burdensome accoutrements but will we ever do it, will we heckers like. And we certainly can’t do it in shops where stock and paperwork and display items are essential items. One day, the the future, we might buy everything from screens, but for now in 2020, there’s a lot that’s still firmly in the touchy feely camp.

First up, a summary video! Here’s the job as a whole, with lots of behind the scenes glimpses. Over the weekend I’ll pop on a couple of posts about the recessed storage, sheet marble top and use of reclaimed materials. Hope you like it!

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