Interview: “Not Your Usual Landlord” Chatting all things rental in the NRLA Magazine, Winter 2020

Covergirl! That ain’t bad at my age, though I do need to get some new photos done…. I need to ‘fess up – this one they’ve used is a couple of years old. Maybe I should just edit in a couple of crows feet to show the ‘laughter’ lines created by being a modern day landlord? 😉

I’ve been a member of the NLA (National Landlords Association) for somewhere near 15yrs now and highly recommend them to new & existing landlords. Whether or not you directly need the NRLA, now amalgamated with the Residential Landlords Association, it’s good to have a well run and effective trade organisation fighting your corner. Let’s face it, with the onslaught of political and taxation attacks on small landlords these days and a Govt intent on only having the big boys running PRS, we need all the help we can get! There are thousands of one man-(or woman)-band landlords out there, good people who care about, look after and look out for their tenants. Getting rid of them, as this Govt is so intent on doing, would do a great disservice to the sector, in my opinion.

Bit of a no-brainer then, when they got in touch and asked if I’d like to have a chat with them about 2020, how we and our tenants had dealt with it, and a bit about how I’d got started as a landlord. Of course I said yes!

Here’s the mag, we’re at Page 20 onwards! Sian x

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