I'm a fan of Farrow & Ball paint, as regular readers will know. Not 'cause they pay me to blog or send me free stuff, which they don't, but because they make paint which is damn good quality, colour consistent years later and in beautiful shades. I don't use it everywhere simply because budgets don't allow,... Continue Reading →

The Return of the Outdoor Privy?!

Ah, the outdoor privy. A property feature long forgotten by many, never known by most and only *enjoyed* by a dwindling 40,000 (the Halifax approximated in 2010) households in the UK. 40,000 plus the Prince of Wales perhaps because, would you believe, the Privy is back and it's had a bit of facelift! No longer... Continue Reading →

Roadtrip: British Ceramic Tile

It's terribly topical at the moment isn't it, all this talk of buying British. It's also easy to fire off a tweet and consider your part played, we're all guilty of that. But it takes more. It takes action and decisive behaviour and putting your money where your mouth is. We all too easily think... Continue Reading →

Roadtrip: Dresser Mouldings

You all know me by now right, there's nothing I love better than the smell of timber, a busy work bench and  stuff being made. Everything summed up in the image above really, taken up at a fantastic manufacturer company called Dresser Mouldings which we visited this month in Lancashire. They'd been recommended to me by a small... Continue Reading →

KBB 2016: A Seriously On Trend Industrial Kitchen

I had a marvellous time at KBB16 Birmingham yesterday, scurrying from stand to stand with camera at the ready and notepad poised, taking details for both client projects and design articles. For those in the know, the acronym KBB stand for Kitchens-Bedrooms-Bathrooms and means stalls, nay, halls of inspiration, where the design savvy can check... Continue Reading →

Review: El Gato Negro, Manchester

Working hard on building Moregeous Mansions means cutting back on restaurant trips & travel and I hugely miss the interior inspiration which only comes from getting out and about. The internet is all very well, but good interiors touch your senses in other ways than simply the visual. A picture doesn't allow you to feel... Continue Reading →

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