Moregeous Monday Moments – 5 March

I know, it's been a month, but at least that means we've been busy doing absolutely loads at the house, doesn't it?! PlusĀ it hasn't been a post free month or anything, I have been pretty good at writing up some of the cool things seen at Spring Fair and emerging 2018 interior trends. There's lots... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments 29 Jan

The end of January?! How did that happen already. I'm figuring some of you are cheering the end of Dry January? I attempted it. It didn't last. Although there was a level of temperance with only the festive booze finished off and no 'extras' bought, so there was an element of virtuosity. All extra cash... Continue Reading →

How To Hand-Tie Your Own Autumnal Bouquet

Henceforth, all and any Moregeous interior design work will be taking place in award winning florists. It's official. Not only are they the sweetest smelling spaces, but everyone is happy in their work, everything is beautiful AND you get invited back to take part in fantastic workshops. It's a no-brainer!! Our work is all finished... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments

Ola again on a Moregeous Monday! I said last week might be worth missing so high five to those of you who gave it the advised swerve as here at least, it didn't actually exist. Like other normal folk we've actually been doing some summer stuff which isn't even DIY!!! Can you believe it?! Nope,... Continue Reading →

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