Inspo: Eight Perfect Poufs (OK, Nine With Mine)

Investing in a new jewelled velvet sofa just to keep up with the Instagrati (similar to the all powerful Illuminati, with fewer murders) is a bit of a body blow to most people’s budgets. Far less painful on the wallet is a neutral sofa with added pops of colour cushions, but, yeh, we’ve all done that before. It’s time to consider today’s rather outstanding poufs and there are a lot of them about. You can go a bit mad with a pouf. Plump for something luxurious and eye catching, and, well, plump. It won’t break the bank if you’re a bit fickle and go ‘off’ the colour next year, or will serve your tootsies well for years to come if you know your style and stick with it.img_1633I bought the two above from Homesense last week at less than £40 a pop. Gotta admit to giving a small* squeal of excitement when I saw them sitting there. Winking at me. In exactly the colours I want for the Moregeous sitting room.

*not small, actually quite loud

 I struck it lucky with my two bargains. Work boots are hard on the feet and let me tell you, the older you get, the more the phrase Put Your Feet Up needs to actually mean something.  At anything from £40 to £400 (and more), there’s a massive choice in poufs, footstools or ottomans, call them what you will. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good article somewhere which precisely describes there difference between all three. This is not it.

This is simply a mini Moregeous showcase of some cool ones I’ve seen this week. Some you might like. If you don’t like at least one of them, I’ll eat my hat. Max footstool wine.jpgSeriously, voluptuously sexy, meet Max. He’s apparently limited to only 9 being made over at Swoon Editions, so if you’re rocking the new muted, earthy, seventies style colours and need something practical should anyone in your house be inclined to throw their port around, he’s your boy. Max is a stunner.

3b9df11374e1c3e09f3e79fb0ac08e3a44c16f40_o_t_otosct033orauk__scott_round_ottoman_orange_lb04.jpgI also rather fancy Scott.  Scott nails my current burnt orange obsession nicely and also has that quite unusual petal detailing around his girth. Girth, now there’s a word to use in relation an ottoman. Not quite approps for Scott’s petals maybe but still, I’m sticking with it. When you’re buying an oversized ottoman, do consider the size of your sitting room and the area in which it will sit. Measure it with a tape, not just your eye. Eyes are not reliable when it comes to girth, everyone knows that.2018-02-22_0004.jpgIt’s not all about velvet, though granted, velvet does seem to be 2018’s thing. Did you know you could #styleit(pouf)happy with one of Insta-wonder-girl Lauren Aston giant merino knits as a footstool? No? Well you do now. The Plympton Beanie is a muted delight for those who love all the greys. That said, it also comes in hot pink and mustard. Pennies are being saved for one of Lauren’s giant throws for when we do our master bedroom here but I suspect I’ll then have to accept never, ever hoofing Builder Cat off the bed once she discovers merino wool.1-DIANA-POUFSNever did I think I’d be writing about a pouf called Diana, inspired by the Roman goddess of the moon, but here I am. She’s rather glam, isn’t she? I’m rather enamoured with the brass banding around Diana’s bottom. You can find her at Casa Botelho in other sumptuously rich colours and she can be made in various sizes. She’s not cheap, Diana, she’s an investment pouf, and if she were in my house, absolutely no-one would be putting their feet on her.

MeroWings Ottoman.jpgYes, these are fabric. I did a double take at 100% Design last year when I spotted the  MeroWings logs. The white birch ones are more my taste than the forest tree ones and they’re actually much cooler in ‘real life’ than they look in photos. Granted,  these might only float your boat if you’re the white Scandi bleached apartment type. And if you are, there’s your perfect footstool. Or, this might be…Angharad-Baa-Stool-in-Rare-Breed-800x600Gotta let the girls get a look in, eh. Meet Angharad the rare breed Baa Stool. There isn’t warmer footstool out there, I guarantee it. Especially with the removable British sheepskin to allow a hot water bottle to fit snugly underneath. Neat. They’re all unique, obv, as well as having all the fantastic qualities which natural wool has in bucket loads. I’d never get the Rockster off it! That, a hot chocolate and a wood burning stove. Heaven.Chevron footstoolIn yer face and less than £40 is the ZigZag cutie from Argos of all places. Wouldn’t this look great in a garden space coupled with reclaimed scaffolding board seating or pallet board magic? Strong back and white geometrics have been gathering apace for a while and this is a fab way to nail the look this summer. A top buy.30244608.jpegNow bear with me on this one. It looks a bit meh doesn’t it, this woven foot rester called Filey, but I’m thinking it’d be way better sprayed matt black to tap into 2018’s woven trend. Or you could be normal and leave it as nature intended it. Whatever.

I’d spray it. At £50 I’d so spray it. I’ve just done exactly that with some wicker lights for my dining room and they look bloody brilliant, though I say so myself. Pop over to our Instagram and see for yourself. It really works, and basic car spray is better than the DIY store upcycling ones, imo. Cheaper too.

So that’s your lot. Or my lot. Of course there are tonnes more out there.  You might be rolling your eyes at no pastel pink or punchy black. In which case, get googling, I’ve seen them and they’re out there, just waiting for your feet.


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