Inspo: Using Orange In Interiors In 2018

Step aside Piper Kerman, ’cause OITNB has stepped off Netflix and is officially back on the interiors scene. I know all the cool kids disavow trends and swear blind they only ever follow their own design path but in honesty, we’re all influenced by trends whether we like it or not. And like it or not, orange is firmly back on the radar. Spring Fair 2018 Trend For OrangeI remember buying some bright tangerine and lime green patterned cushions and tableware from Habitat when I bought my first apartment. They were the coolest things I’d ever owned and were a direct reflection of the vivid hues of my then favourite bar, Mash & Air. I still have them somewhere but haven’t been in the slightest bit tempted to unfold them since 1997. Until now. Aren’t trends just actually interiors affairs of the heart that we fall in and out of love with, like a passion for that boy at school, then not thinking about him for twenty years, then seeing him on Facebook and marrying him three months later. I’ve read about that. It’s a thing.

At Spring Fair earlier this month, orange was literally everywhere, or at least I felt like it was everywhere. That’s the thing about colour, pattern, or trends, what one person might feel they’re falling all over, is completely missed by someone else. As I mused in a recent post on woven lighting, sometimes it’s simply about what hasn’t been seen for a while. What feels fresh. The noughties were all about neutrals, creams and limestones. Since then greenery of all shades has predominated, interspersed by greys, Scandi pastels, and deep blue or black. Now, prepared to be Tangoed, ’cause orange is back in the spotlight.Tatton 2016 OrangeAt last year’s garden festivals, rusty finishes were the order of that day. It was noticeable on quite a few of the stands, as you can see from some of my captures from Tatton and more here. Terracotta and more importantly oxidisation, although not hugely attractive to me personally as a residential garden finish, felt unusual and innovative.Clerkenwell 2016 OrangeI had a little scroll through my images from Clerkenwell Design Fair 2016 and there, hidden in amongst all the Scandi hues, were the above vibrant surprises. The chair styles weren’t my particular style, but the fabric colours stood out. As do most satsuma coloured loo rolls.
London Design Festival 2016 OrangeI’d really started to warm to the idea of orange by September 2017 (it was a slow burn). London Design Festival didn’t disappoint, though granted it was more the burnt siennas and rich deeps which appealed to my camera snapping finger. It did seem that the shades were displayed more at the luxe end of the market, as opposed to by the younger designers at LDF. Or that’s how it felt to me.

When trying to source fabrics post LDF for the new Moregeous sitting room last Autumn, this image of the Dean St Townhouse was the only one I could find, taken back in 2012. Well ahead of the orange game, round of applause. Not so sure about the cushions mind.

Photo: Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Leaping forward from summer 2017 to early 2018 and orange in all its shades is now popping up all over my feed.

At the Vintage Home Show:
Vintage Home ShowAs paint, in this instance Fusion, which I’ve recently bought for the first time:

Fusion Mineral PaintIn lighting. Ok, crazy lighting spotted by PR Alex Crabtree, but lighting nonetheless:Alex Crabtree PRAs seen on the Mad About The House blog (I LOVE this sofa) :MadAboutFeaturing in Diespeker’s striking marble finishes:DiespekerOver in Paris courtesy of Little Big Bell‘s Maison D’Object wanderings. Oh, this colour works so well with brass doesn’t it?:

Little Big Bell

Stunningly different wood panelling featured on Elle Decor (note the brass again):IMG_0831.jpgEven as full rooms! I’m very conflicted about this one. The chairs pain me, as does the crease on the bed corner, as does the Premier Inn style phone on the side table and the wonky light. And the carpet pains me too. But I felt it needed inclusion for sheer shock value. Just so you know never to paint your whole room orange :

IMG_0829.jpgAnd whaddaya know, we’re back to Habitat 2018 and the Kota sofa. I can just see my twenty year old cushions on there. Well, they do say everything comes back into fashion right? 😉

Habitat Kota

How about it, will you be going full on Tango or just a small splash of squash for summer?

Or are you more drawn to rich opulent shades of paprika or burnt sienna, like me? Don’t believe me?
Homesense orange pouffeThanks Homesense, for my latest bargain purchase!

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