Share: Rocking The Rust Trend Outdoors

IMG_6819I had a thoroughly fabulous time at the RHS 2016 Tatton Flower Show, naughtily requisitioning a chunk of the Moregeous budget (considering the fact that we still haven’t bought a kitchen) to gather lots of floral delights. I didn’t visit last year as our garden was still a builders yard and not being able to buy amazing plants at Tatton is like going to Willy Wonka’s factory and not being allowed to eat the sweets. Far too tempting.

I’ll share my treasure and this year’s plant trends with you soon, but it may take a while what with all this British Summertime torrential rain. Is it slowing you down in the garden too?! In rotten weather you’ve to be careful to bring metal items back indoors…… or have you, because according to garden design experts rusting rocks!

Oxidisation and vibrant orange rusting was hugely popular: hidden surreptitiously in amongst planting, forming the main structures and creating decorative pools of earthy colour. The design trend for all things industrial has definitely seeped into the contemporary gardening world.

IMG_6817For me the look worked most successfully in schemes with oranges, limestones, acers, wicker and lime greens, rather than in schemes with the ubiquitous grey shades, purple or pink hues or when coupled with either more glamorous or cottage garden styles.

Next to the oranges of the Acer above the rust looks fabulous, with the backdrop of earth toned fencing, lime greens and white hydrangeas.

Likewise below, the pale sandy tones of the yellow brick effect flooring sets off the reddy-brown channel to perfection.

It’s a very strong look, both material and colour wise, so needs to be designed in with care. Done properly though – wow!

IMG_6810What do you think, brave enough to try it?Design trend rust in garden

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