Inspo: 5 Fresh Ways To Work Wicker & Woven Lighting

How long does a fabulous re-imagined interior item take to become a trend? The answer might surprise you here. Potentially – 5 years. FIVE YEARS.

That’s a long time isn’t it and you might not believe me… but hear me out. Woven effect, wicker and rattan lighting & baskets adorned this week’s Spring Fair in Birmingham and looked fab-u-lous, but they reminded me of something. I looked back yesterday through the Moregeous blog and there, featured in a post on Pulse London back in 2013, was the most fabulous pendant by Louise Tucker. It felt surprising and fresh so I took a snap of it.

When designers first re-imagine materials and use them in innovative and exciting ways, it takes the rest of us a fair while to be able to shop the look. It used to be that this type of new design work initially had a limited reach. Products like Louise’s beautifully intricate woven light was firstly seen at exclusive trade fairs, then in the coolest homes, then in style magazines, then high street retailers caught a whiff, developed their own version of the look and launched it. Hence, five years.

Now of course it’s faster. It’s the age of the smart phone, it’s faster than the speed of light. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I said that five years ago, we’d to show exhibitors our press credentials before they’d allow us take photos at a trade fair. We used to film trend videos and would have to beg for permission to show products. I know, that seems crazy now right? These days interior and home bloggers are at all the shows, powered by a PR industry hungry for internet inches, meaning ‘new’ products are out there for everyone to see pretty much immediately. Some catch on & are copied within weeks and shipped from China before you can blink, some take a while to gather speed, whereas some don’t catch on at all. The whole process is faster than it ever was.

Why some looks catch on and some don’t is just interiors alchemy. Which brings me to this post as natural woven wood or Wicker is one of the trends most definitely moving centre stage for the next few seasons. But how to use it and ensure your home isn’t just a 70’s re-hash? Come with me into the 2018 world of wicker….

Go Graphic Geometrics
Moregeous Beaumont & Fletcher.jpgSeen at Decorex 2017, these beauties on the Beaumont & Fletcher Interior Atelier capture the modern rustic vibe perfectly. They’re very cleverly set against a contemporary geometric wallpaper in simple black and white, ensuring the vibe is less Rising Damp and more Red Hot. Positioning your new wicker buys against a very crisp modern backdrop will ensure the same in your home too.

Go GiantMoregeous Wicker 2018.jpgNow, I’m sure that huge woven shades were available to swing from in 1974, I hear they swung from most anything back then, but these beasts definitely have a modern feel to them. I’d set them against light or dark, either a bright white kitchen to add an organic splash, or maybe in a deep, dark grey hallway for shadowy sexiness. No brand name as I photographed them at a trade show, but watch out for these appearing for you to buy soon.

Go BlackIMG_0046.jpgWicker always looks wonderful with greenery but tends to look a bit conservatory-like indoors. One surefire way to bring it bang up to date is to opt for a black shade so the pendant becomes a contrasting accent to surrounding timber and foliage. This Parlane shade featured on the Spring Fair Instagram feed is styled brilliantly. I’m still searching for a shade for the Moregeous dining area, is this the one?!

Go LuxeDSC07990.jpgMuted earthy tones are set to be the order of the interiors day, but make sure that if you use these tones with wicker, you vamp up the luxury fabrics. If muted tones aren’t your thing then velvets, sharp geometrics or neon brights will all ensure hipster not hippy home status.

Go GangsDSC08028.jpgGrouping items for max effect is a long accepted trick of interior designers, as have Danish interiors suppliers lb Laursen here at the fair. It used to be that an electrician would need to wire up several separate ceiling roses to achieve this effect, but now it’s a whole lot easier and more cost effective for the competent DIYer using a multi-outlet ceiling rose and coloured cable. Try Industville, who I buy regularly from, or Dowsing & Reynolds, or Factory Lux. All excellent. I’ve done this here at Moregeous Mansions and for clients too – Mr M is a whizz with lighting, lucky ol’ me as that is not one of my skills!

This way you can also nail the Go Black idea with natural wicker shading and mix up textures and styles. Personalise the look so it’s all about you 🙂

My focus today has been on woven & wicker lighting as it was just so popular at Spring Fair, which is where the trade buy their new lines to sell to us, the consumer. It wasn’t just lighting which got the wicker treatment however, expect to see more of the material in furniture and an explosion of baskets this spring and summer.

DSC08012.jpgI recall having a wicker chair which *accidentally* got sprayed lime green in around 1997, quite possibly inspired by my then favourite bar ‘Mash & Air’, Oliver Peyton’s uber cool bar & restaurant. I think it’s in our rental Cellar of Doom and might be all set for a  reappearance….

How about you, got any wicker lurking around in cellars or lofts? Maybe it’s time to dig it back out again!

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