Video: New Interiors Trends at Spring Fair 2018

Last week Matt from Real Homes and I scoured the Spring Fair – the UK’s largest homeware & gift trade show – looking for the fresh ideas and exciting design trends which will appear on retailers shelves & websites over the next couple of years. We saved your shoe leather and did that all for you, so you didn’t have to. We’re too kind like that 😉

So….. what did we find? Well, I’ve blogged about the fabulous Statement Sofa, a must if you’re looking to invest in new seating, plus also the emerging trend for wicker / woven lighting. We’ve already taken delivery of some amazing fabric to have our Moregeous sofa re-upholstered here at home and I was totally inspired by some of the lighting we saw. Watch out for some woven delights appearing over my dining table imminently, as well as a DIY option to ensure you don’t break the bank.

To make it even easier for you to be one step ahead this year, we’ve created a fab video featuring some of the trends as we spotted them. Spring Fair had curated their own immersive trends area and I’m going to share some of those later this week, but for now here’s my take on what’s hot….

Of course we don’t have to endlessly keep buying new stuff and we shouldn’t really, that would just be daft. We should maybe love what we have and buy investment pieces to love forever. But forever, as Prince said, is a mighty long time. As I mentioned on Instagram this morning, my gran’s house didn’t change in 30yrs. But I’m not my gran. I like changing thing up and reinventing my space every so often. When we buy a house, or we renovate, or we simply refresh, then we look around to find new stuff which speaks our home language & what we feel joyful living amongst. Clever home bods also find old things and reinvent them to freshen ’em up.

We don’t have to shop every trend shown on the video, just the ones which suit us. We shouldn’t copy, but it’s great to be inspired by.

Have you been suitably inspired? I hope so 🙂 x

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