Inspo: Why You Need A Jewelled Velvet Statement Sofa

DSC07975Now clearly I’m not suggesting that Statement Sofas have suddenly been invented and  no-one’s ever had a Statement Sofa before. You only have to look at Instagram and the hot hot hot accounts to know this. Be prepared though, for 2018, they’re exploding onto a high street near you, as seen at the Spring Fair trade show I visited on Monday.

This year oranges, mustards, forest greens and deep blues are the order of the day, with rich jewelled colours packing a punch like Fury. Never mind wishy washy pastels, there are some bold, uncompromising and filled with personality sofas on the block.

DSC07976They aren’t necessarily ornate in style, and buttoning isn’t de rigeur. These daring colours work just as well on simpler sofas, modern or mid-century in style. I especially like the plush padded fabrics on plump cushions (coming to Moregeous Manisons imminently….)DSC07985DSC07983Practical alert: Velvet hasn’t traditionally been the easiest of materials to keep clean but newer fabrics are stain resistant, extremely hardy and much less likely to be damaged by everyday life. Darker colours can be a nightmare for showing up hairs (cats arghhhhh), however these brights somehow don’t seem to beacon the bits anywhere near as badly as black. Bonus!

Oh dear, I seem to have used up all my B allocation. Buggar.

DSC07977All the delights above were at the Spring Fair however it’s not just at trade shows where these strokable beauties are appearing. Those is the know have been crushing on velvet for a while now and the brave are ahead of this sumptuous game….

IMG_7988+copy.jpgKatie Woods of Come Down To The Woods, as featured on Nicola Broughton’s brilliant blog (more on her later) is possibly the most daring. Not for the faint hearted is full on indigo with neon but for those less audacious, blue sofas work fabulously against most neutrals too. Always with a cactus though. Always.

The+Girl+with+the+green+sofas+sitting+room+with+green+velvet+sofaLiterally, does anyone not know whose this sofa is? Enough has been written about this shade of seating but suffice to say that The Girl With The Green Sofa may well have kicked off the sheer frenzy around velvet sofas. Go Nicola. Check out her website for some engaging interviews and interiors features on other inspiring designersMelanie Lissack DFS sofabedI met the delightful Melanie Lissack on Monday at Spring Fair and she’s recently collaborated with DFS to feature this geeeeeorgeous sofa bed in her beautiful home. Orange TICK – Velvet TICK – Statement Sofa TICK.img_1173Over at Hilary & Flo’s house, look what’s just arrived and looks utterly fabulous set against a deep grey gallery picture wall. Check out Love Your Home for this diveable dream which looks like the perfect Netflix box set sofa to me.img_1186These show stopping colours look just as superb on contemporary style settee too, as evidenced in Sarah Akwisombe’s cool London flat. I’m a little distracted by adoring the geo monochrome wallpaper and brass side table too.

If like me you can’t stretch to a brand new sofa and fancy a bit of upcycling, then re-upholstering might be the answer. The style above is pretty classic and many of us actually have old sofas which could look just like this with a bit of new fabric tlc. That’s the route we’re going down here and I talked about it on this week’s Moregeous Monday Moments.

How about you? Feeling brave enough to dive into the jewellery box and emerge with some feature furniture treasure?

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