A worktop spirits me off to Tuscany

A bit of Light Tuscan Olive is the order of the day methinks. It’s so bloody miserable out there, drizzly rain (yes, the sort that gets you wet and makes your hair curl arghhhhh), and I need a ray of sunshine. It has come in the form of some Italian inspiration, Project BB needs a new worktop, and I think this Duropal splash of sunshine may just be perfect. 

Plus they will deliver tomorrow, and I can’t pick up as busy having heart 24hr thing for my mysterious ailment. Just need to double check it works with the leftover limestone tiles we found in the cellar, and which match the kitchen floor, and it’s a goer. Or should I order a matching upstand…. decisions decisions….
Really could have done with Rip Rap giving me a hand with the painting today but he is having all his teeth out, soooo long overdue. That’ll be him moaning about only being able to eat scrambled eggs and weetabix for the next fortnight then. Should have cleaned his bloody teeth, let that be a lesson to you kids…..

2 thoughts on “A worktop spirits me off to Tuscany

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  1. You are a busy girl. Hope that Rip Rap is okay my partner had 8 teeth out two months ago so for a week or so he was living on puree, rice,babyfood,yoghurt etc which he soon got sick of!


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