I LOVE a bargain!! Nick Munro at John Lewis, it’s going in the BrookBox

I loved these Nick Munro  ( http://www.nickmunro.com/ ) for John Lewis walnut and chrome bathroom fittings when they were launched a while back, and fell off my feet when I saw them in store reduced and winking at me as I walked past bathrooms. Well, they didn’t so much wink as shout Get Your Switch Card Out Girlfriend. 😉

Official pics...
Official pic...
My pic!
My pic!

This is entirely normal for me – not to have even started on a room or even a whole house, but to buy some item which is utterly adorable, inspiring or just plain bowls me over, and somehow work the whole scheme around it. Happened with Project Cathedral and the magnolia splashback, has happened before that, and now is happening all over again 🙂

It’ll go into the BrookBox, with the other items I’ve seen for when I eventually start on the busman’s holiday which is my house. I’m not so fussed whether they are ‘this season’, all that is a load of bollocks really isn’t it. If you like it, and it’s right for your house, and your style, who cares what season or store it’s from. That’s the whole idea of design classics, right? That they don’t date or go ‘out’?

Surely even more pertinent as we move away from the buy it bored of it bin it mentality.


And even the better when the gorgeous stuff you see is reduced by 80%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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