Minty green and quite hideous kitchen given the Moregeous boudoir treatment

Most bedroom makeovers are bedrooms to start with, so the transformations are good, but not WOW. However, this renovation last year was in a ground floor rented apartment (not the local jail as the bars would seem to suggest) where the rear room was being used a kitchen……

So I could turn it from this.....
So I could turn it from this..... this! this!

I love this makeover. Yeh yeh, I know ‘they’ say that landlords should make their properties safe and appealing to the majority but how boring is that when you can do the above for such little effort. I do get my materials like this amazing wallpaper by Ulk Moritz at trade prices as I work in the interiors industry, but the curtains are Ikea, the light BHS, and walnut bedroom furniture for rental flats is everywhere from Argos to the Harrison Brothers pieces.  The dressing table area to the right once housed the old back boiler so was huge when we opened it up, and a local joinery firm made a desk top from mdf veneered in american black walnut for about £80.

So…. sumptuous, but credit crunch friendly 🙂

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  1. Sean it’s lovely. Here’s my q: do you find that apts like this are MORE rentable or less rentable than the neutral ones you do?

  2. More More More!!!
    This apartment gets £100 per month more than others of equivalent sizing in the area, and rents immediately. Tenants comment that they rarely see other rentals which have had any thought put into the decor.
    Thanks for your comment Lisa x

  3. Thanks for responding!
    The rental apt we just bought (my first nervewracking buy) is in a low income area. All the pros have told me to keep it pretty bland and neutral, but having studied design I know I can do something really great for really reasonable. Thanks for the advice.

  4. Love it!

    Why not dress up a rental? Last year I worked on a huge project for a company letting student accommodation – they didn’t get anything as dressy as your pic but they did get leather sofas, coloured walls, contemporary styling etc etc ..and the landlords got more rent than other landlords in the area and a waiting list of desperate to rent students!!

    1. Putting a little extra effort and design thought most definitely does work, everyone wants somewhere nice to live. Even students. Actually, as they all seem to read Elle Decor and want en-suite shower rooms these days, especially students 🙂

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