Scarlet Opus’ monochrome trends – loving the moodboard

I’ll be heading over the the National Floor Show next week – – to get a little underfoot inspiration, and will be making time to listen to a presentation by the trend forecaster Victoria Redshaw. Earlier this month I did on on-line interview with them which has just been published on their webpage and blog at (Posted 2nd September) and have blogged about them before

I sometimes read interviews back and wince a bit, because I’m far to blunt for my own good. Maybe mentioning the gorgeous Carol Vorderman’s leather pants splitting at the Overseas Property Show wasn’t such a great idea?

One of Victoria’s questions was about my favourite products and designers. The clever bods at Scarlet Opus have put together a montage of some of those very items, and it’s fabulous!

Brook in a nutshell - thanks Scarlet Opus!!
Brook in a nutshell - thanks Scarlet Opus!!

In fact, when I saw the collage, it was like a mood board describing how I imagine my own home renovation will end up…. and it  has inspired me to crack on with the hellhole which is the house I live in (think amazing Victorian higgledy piggeldy place but with no upstairs loo, plaster falling off walls and the thinnest windows in the world).

Mart, be afraid, be very afraid….

Some of the items shown above:

John Reeves Louis bed, available at Heals but seen here on his web-page –

Marcel Wanders amazing Skylight  –

Lizzie Allen’s soldier wallpaper –

Susan Bradley’s Leak shelf –

4 thoughts on “Scarlet Opus’ monochrome trends – loving the moodboard

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  1. Glad you liked the interview Sian and found our little montage based on your ‘loving it list’ inspiring!
    Thanks for taking the time to give such an insightful and frank interview.
    Victoria & the Scarlettes!

  2. No need to wince – i thought it was a funny to imagine Carol Vorderman splitting her pants as she has always worn them a little too tight! Tell me, did her face go “scarlette” when she heard them rip?

    Keep it up.

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