Installing a glass shelf within shower in the grout line

The period bathroom at Linen Luxe is almost complete, and though it’s been a real challenge, to totally transform the bathroom in three weeks, it has actually worked, I can’t quite believe it. Yes, I know you all watch 60 Minute Makeover, and they did Changing Rooms in 2 days, but this is REAL LIFE!!!  Real life is where you don’t have a production crew helping, you can’t cheat, the experts really do have to be experts and if the job is rubbish, you don’t get paid!

I will be posting some great before and afters in the next few days, but this is a nice tip for if you are retiling your shower cubicle and don’t want one of those awful metal caddy things like this;

double-corner-basketstuck or screwed to the wall.

IMG_9757When your tiler, or you! have finished sticking the tiles to the wall within the shower area, leave some of the grout out so that you can insert glass shelving. It’s neat, tidy, stylish and easy to clean. Best to use a 7mm spacer so you can get a chunky 6mm glass shelf in – doesn’t need to be toughened, though you can if you wish, and you can have the glass made by a local mirror / glass maker. These are approx 3oomm by 190mm, with one rounded edge – I did the glass maker a drawing to make sure no mistakes.


Just before you pop the shelves into the ungrouted area, use a caulking gun to run some translucent silicone into the open grout line, pop in the shelves adjust the level them, and leave to set. In this bathroom I’ve used a limestone coloured sealant ( in this post I used white but you get the idea –

It just neatly edges the top and bottom and makes it look like it was born to be there. God, I’m anal about my sealant, but at least I admit it.

Ah the life of the self-employed property bod. We were supposed to head off to the sun today, but just can’t do it, so instead it’s a break to the West Cost of Ireland next week. Mucho to do between now and then but Mr M has insisted we book and pay for it so I HAVE to go. Not very good at holidays. Workaholic. If they’d guarantee me a tan at B&Q I’d just go there for a week 😉

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